The Pughs The Pughs

The Pughs

Ryan, Jeremy, Alex and Tim – The Muks of Mukpuddy Animation in New Zealand – have taken a break from their day to day animation work to work produce this:

According to the creators:

It’s an idea we’ve had for sometime now and has always been something we’ve discussed while doing other jobs. Finally, we put everything aside and put all our effort into making a short. It was created in 3 weeks by the four of us here at Mukpuddy.

Our Flash animated 3 minute pilot is called It’s the Pughs and is the story of a man so desperate for a son that after the birth of his daughter, decides to bring up the poo that follows as “his boy”. The idea is based on our observations of the “typical” New Zealand bloke. The dad who wants nothing more that his boy to be the Rugby player he always wanted to be. As kiwi as this is, it seems to us this is a fairly universal trait.

As disgusting as the idea of raising a poo as a child is, we’ve tried to focus on the relationship between Rudy (the dad) and Peter (his poo son). As much as we embrace that the show will be a lot of gross poo jokes, we like to use the phrase “heartwarming toilet humour”.

Clearly, poop characters (Mr. Hankey, Stinky,, etc.) are here to stay – whether we like it or not. The Muks also have a bunch of production sketches posted on their blog.

  • Charlie K.

    Interesting short Jerry. A gross situation for sure, but it does seem slightly entertaining, the animation quality is rather good and the characters have a nice design about them. The New Zealand accents top the whole thing off perfectly.

  • Tor

    Okay, is it me, or is that “South Park” episode coming up in other people’s minds (the one with Bono)?

  • Saturnome

    Poop jokes are just a proof of the refinement of our century. It’s of a higher taste than knees or feet. Though the following quote “The idea is based on our observations of the “typical” New Zealand bloke.” is just plain scary. I’ll forget about eventually going to New Zealand.

  • Carlos

    It was entertaining as a short, but I’m not sure of these one-joke concepts as the poo-baby is. At least not for a full-blown show. It would be a good filler during commercials.

  • Dave (Odd)

    Great job for three weeks. Truly. Put in a year on the next one and you’ll have a winner!

  • Andy

    I think this’ll really work as shorts! The “one-joke concept” has worked well else where, look at Happy Tree Friends for example!!

  • Max Fleischer

    “Clearly, poop characters (Mr. Hankey, Stinky,, etc.) are here to stay – whether we like it or not. ”

    Wheee! I hate the goddamn new millenium.

  • Michael Morris

    I knew a bloke from N.Z. who once took a dump in a plastic baggie when he couldn’t make it to a bathroom in time. Fecal matter must be their national treasure.

  • Stu Wildhorn

    Nice animation. But the story was crap.

    get it?

  • That’s funny stuff…gross….but funny.

  • uggh… that really pushed toilet humour waaaay past the limits!

  • Kelly Tindall

    Soooooo… You’ve got your sexist humor, your gay humor, your other-accents-are-funny humor, and your poop jokes.

    Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and give this one a thumbs down.

  • Isn’t this pretty much the exact same concept as “Stimpy’s Pregnant”?

  • Zee

    Who is the intended audience for this? I am getting mixed signals; some gags, the gay jokes, the fact that the kid is poo, seem adult or teen, but the whole thing comes across as if it’s for kids 7-10 because of the design and the dialog. Is it supposed to be “safe” or “edgy”? I know, I know, I hate those terms too. Definitely a fantastic job, especially for such a short time.

  • inspector detector

    i prefer the coprophagia-free charms of doggy poo.

  • Mel Lewis

    This is porn for development executives. Dave DeGrand has it right that the whole concept was done better before in “Stimpy’s Pregnant”, but that cartoon doesn’t play as safe and cuddly to teeming masses of corporate frauds.

  • Uh…no.

  • red pill junkie

    I like the work of the Muks, but…. yes I laughed, but… but…

  • I think it’s brilliant.

  • I wake up some days, filled with hope for Humanity.

    Then someone makes something like this…

  • Sean Williams

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

    I didn’t think so. I weep for my generation.

  • Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your comments, both positive and negative. We assumed this short would have quite a polarizing effect on people due to the subject matter – you either love it or you hate it.

    Regarding some of the more negative feedback:

    We know that John K, South Park and others have used similar themes/characters before – but why is this scrutiny reserved exclusively for poo characters? If we made a cartoon featuring a duck would it be compared to Daffy, Donald and Darkwing Duck?

    From our point of view, the short is really more about Rudy, his relationship with his ‘son’, and the effect it has on the people around him. We just tried to take a ‘human’ situation (fathers who want to have sons) and put a bizarre twist on it.

    We’re not denying that there is a large amount of toilet humour in this short, but we imagine that if It’s the Pughs ever became more than a series of shorts that poo jokes would quickly wear thin and be phased out as the show evolved.

    Anyway, thanks again for your comments, and a special thanks to Jerry for posting it. It’s our first time on The Brew and we’re happy to be here.

  • Bugsmer

    This is beyond retarded. I’m sure it’ll come on at a time when kids will be around to watch it, whether we want our kids to see this or not. Perhaps they’ll screen it in school, so kids can write about it. The story has nothing going for it at all. This is a complete waste of film.

  • I try to be optimistic for off-kilter animation like this, but no….. I just can’t do it this time. From the dumb, hackneyed premise, to the unimaginative writing and lack of humor, this is quite frankly a dud.

  • I’m glad someone saw “Stimpy’s Pregnant,” but I’m sad it was plagiarists.

  • Plagiarism is a very strong accusation Peter, and deeply offends us. Not all of us have seen ‘Stimpy’s Pregnant’, and the only similarity that we can see is that a poo is involved in a pregnancy situation. In our case it is dealt with in the opening titles – the rest of the short has nothing to do with it.

    Perhaps you should take another look at the the ‘bad John K rip-off’ drawings on your own website before dishing out judgment on others.

  • I think “It’s the Pugh’s” is one of the best things to come out of New Zealand! Peter Poo is totally cute and it’s a great new take on the poo concept! Who ever thought a poo could be so cute! I find it weird that someone earlier commented that it is aimed at the 7-10 age group because of how it’s drawn..does a cartoon have to be drawn really badly to be adult? I really want to see where these guys are gonna take this!!

    Also I don’t see the John K thing at all that everyone is talking about?!
    Firstly these guys can really draw well, there are no REALLY revolting vomit inducing close ups and the colour palette is easy on the eyes!

    You guys rock! Go the Pugh’s!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought it was funny. The little sh*t was cute, and the popcorn gag cracked me up.
    All in all, I liked it.
    Good job, guys!

  • hey i liked it. it had the “cringe factor” pumped way up which made it a bit hard to watch, but hey whatever.

    you gotta love the support the brew readers give to an independently produced short done by a bunch of guys on what i think was their spare time. i’ll say that the humor wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but congrats on a very well done piece!

  • Cayse Cheatham

    I hate stuff like this. Barnyard humor, in a word “stinks”.

  • I ain’t gonna watch it. I don’t give a damn if it’s the greatest animation in the world, I am not going to watch another animation that revolves around an anthropomorphic s**t gag.

  • Whoa easy Mitchy, we can tell someones cut ya pretty deep. Have a seat, take a deep breath and remember… it’s just a silly little cartoon!

  • Greg

    As an Aussie, I can see th ehumour in this. It was brilliant.

    I am hoping there will be more of The Pugh’s, I think it’s funny as.