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“The Resale Right” by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

Resale Right

I’ve viewed countless examples of typographic animation throughout the years, but none as appealing and fun as The Resale Right (Le Droit de Suite) directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet. Consider it a bonus that the film contains an important message about the threatened artists’ resale right in France. Joris Clerté art directed and Jean-Yves Castillon animated the film at the French animation studio Doncvoilà.

  • Matt Bell

    Great work Mr Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet!

    It also shows that we process & enjoy on “Art” on multiple levels;

    Emotional, Visual (Beauty), Educational.

    And the combination & interconnections of all three.

    Thanks for sharing Amid.

  • Jay Taylor

    I don’t believe we have resale rights here in the states, do we? I sure hope they can keep it over there, and I hope we can get it over here!

  • Perfect marriage of medium and message. Thanks for sharing.

  • that was just about perfect

  • This short is amazing!! Thank you for posting this!

  • Tomm


  • Professor Widebottom

    Snooty and simple, just the way I like it.

  • B.Bonny

    Every time Cartoon brew shows a cartoon from You tube or where ever, how much do the creative artists who made it get in return?

    Yeah, I thought so. Aren’t their poor starving granddaughters and heirs deserving of a slice of the pie?

    • Ben

      No. The artist put their work up online for everyone to see for free.

  • Michael

    Is Cartoon Brew even a profitable enterprise on its own? It doesn’t sell those videos from youtube; there is no pie for heirs to have a slice of.

  • The Gee

    Gee whiz, Michael and B. Bonny, I hope I’m misinterpreting mischievous mirth-making in your respective posts. If not, read on.

    Most of the cartoons shown via this site are available for any site to embed. If there is money to be made for the artists then the artists…studios….will need to deal directly with YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

    Until those video-hosting sites charge other sites for embedding the videos, the want is that more people will watch it, in a way curated, at their favorite sites instead of needing to go to the main site. It is a win-win scenario that certainly halps sites like Cartoon Brew deliver content that you’d otherwise may need to look for or have someone else tell you about.

    While I know YouTube isn’ t the only site that pays out for content it hosts, I can’t think of the others that do. Again, that is between the content creators and YouTube.

    As for the stuff which probably should not be on those video hosting sites without corporate approval, I can’t say much about that. It is a fact of life? But, like with what I wrote above, that is between the video hosting sites and the content owners.