The Show by Rebecca Hayes The Show by Rebecca Hayes

“The Show” By Rebecca Hayes

The Show by Rebecca Hayes offers a beautifully animated glimpse into the private lives of performers in a traveling circus troupe. Although the film’s genteel slice-of-life approach doesn’t build to much of a climax, its charm grows on the viewer. The student short was completed in 2010 at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), but released online yesterday.

(Thanks, Rubber House)

  • Go Rebecca! We’ve got so many extraordinary 2D animators in Melbourne. Really wish we had an industry to support them.

  • It reminded me of old european comedies, a bit like Jacques Tati. You don’t see that often these days. Great !

  • TJR

    I really enjoyed this. THANKS!

  • That was neat – charming even. And proving once more that animation can tell a good story without uttering a single word. Each character had their own distinctive motion and traits, especially the little Pixie (?) messing things up =)