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“The Smaller Room” by Cristobal Leon and Nina Wehrle

The Smaller Room

“In a room there is a box. In the box there is a forest. In the forest there is a lost child.” The Smaller Room (Der Kleinere Raum, 2009) by Cristobal Leon and Nina Wehrle may be short, but its claustrophobic and foreboding atmosphere leaves an impression on the viewer.

(via Jeff Scher’s Twitter)

  • tonma

    there’s this kind of creepiness that can only be achieved with stopmotion… I’m glad new things like that keep coming.

  • Wow. This is wonderful.

  • Lindsay

    It has a dreamlike feel to it; a very unsettling sequence of events that just happen with no rhyme or reason to them. Very cool!

  • Cath

    the sound design is perfect with the animation.