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“The Story of Animation” by David Tart

Story of Animation

The Story of Animation is a tongue-in-cheek “cartoon modern”-styled educational short that aims to introduce potential advertising clients to the animation process. The short was written and directed by animation veteran David Tart, and the animation was supervised by Magnus Moller of the Danish animation studio Tumblehead. And if you feel like you already know the animation process inside-out, then check out this short about how greeting cards get made.

(Thanks, @webacion)

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  • Kate Burck

    I’m definitely going to try the hammer approach to compositing. Seems much more efficient then that old After Effects. It’s a really nice, clear piece that I think definitely achieves it’s goal of making the process understandable.

  • Tak

    Tumblehead YESSS!
    Yay for the Non-American Animation Comunity, show e’m what you’ve got! Go Go Go Grow Grow Grow!!
    Yay Denmark!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Well someone had to say it!

  • joec

    Heh, loved this. That little historical bit with styles through the ages was especially wonderful.

  • david essman

    This is fantastic animation. I find it funny how in animation process videos like this when they get to the actual animation part, they gloss over it.

    • Dirge

      It’s not important to the client, of whom this short is aimed at.

  • Justin

    anyone remember the video that was similar concept to this one, explaining the animation process, but specifically about 3d animation? another company did it to promote doing commercials and explain things to clients in a comical way.

    This video reminds me of that one and the other one gave me a good chuckle, this one is more straight forward but still really well done.

  • Dennis Sisterson

    That’s just the sort of thing I need to show some of my prospective clients… only they’d say “That’s great – Can you do it like that for us?” And I’d have to say “Yes, but maybe not quite as good – not for £200, anyway.”

  • Old Man Father Time

    The video does not work.

  • Stav Levi (croovman)

    The part explaining different styles was fantastic.

  • jak rabit

    Nice subtle little nod towards Gertie the Dinosaur by Windsor McCay @ 1:01.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I lost it during the South Park ref. myself.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I like this ^-^

  • TStevens

    I laughed more than once. Although, I must say I generally hate it when clients need me to write the script because they don’t have an agency involved. It use to be that most ad agencies had pretty good creative directors and copywriters even in the local markets. Anymore a lot of them are so pressed for results that they count on the production companies to do more with fewer initial guidelines. That means you end up doing way more pre-pro for less profit. Although, there are those occasional times when you still get the “cool” projects, though they are few and far between.

  • A. Zolotic

    this is really charming and especially the starting idea! but having in mind how things work in my country, i feel that part about animation making process (factory) pretty much illustrates how probably most of the clients already see the process (everything happens with press of the button), not how they should.