The World Is Your Canvas The World Is Your Canvas

The World Is Your Canvas

Who needs pencil and paper? Italian graffiti artist and painter Blu paints his animation onto the ground and walls. His latest piece, Fantoche (posted below), was created earlier this month during the Fantoche Animation Festival in Switzerland. It is a brilliant and inspiring creative accomplishment, not to mention an obviously staggering amount of work:

Blu also creates hand-drawn animation and is the subject of a forthcoming documentary, the trailer for which can be viewed here.

(Thanks both to Wilbert Plijnaar and John Luciano)

  • That… is… insane. (In a good way.)

    I like the way the animation interacts with fixtures and objects in the room.

  • Robert Schaad

    This is great stuff. Very imaginative!

  • Wow this is so amazing! I don’t want to think how long it takes, it looks like it all happens in real time (complete with hand-held effect). They didn’t really need to run the entire thing twice, just a few second to show that it goes on and on would be enough.

  • The No Man

    That is absolutely amazing! holy *%&*. Out of this world.

  • Bugsmer

    Fascinating! That looks really cool, particularly when the animation goes all around the room. The story itself is also interesting.

  • Tom Pope

    Geez Louise!

  • Bob

    Very interesting, and well done. Reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” with all the morphing animation.

  • red pill junkie


  • I was at Fantoche and peeked in to the room from time to time to see what was going on, but I didn’t have a chance to watch the end result. It worked out really great! Thanks internet!

  • Michael

    More proof that animation can do a lot more than sell toys.

  • Fantastic! Reminds me of the old lightning sketches of animation pioneer James Stuart Blackton. I fully support these types of animation undertakings.

  • I agree with Palmer, that is really insane. It’s very cool though.

  • David

    Really really great!
    I like the idea too–doesn’t it seem like our heads are trying to escape our bodies? And then?

  • ha ha marvelous. Great idea. mesmerising.

  • Absolutely amazing. One of the best things I’ve seen in a LONG time

  • matt

    Holy cow Amid! Thanks for showing us this stuff! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Super cool.

  • J.T Wilson

    WOW. Holy ^&#$^. I am impressed. That is really amazing. An animator’s animator. Really really amazing.

    The video seems to loop in itself though…