“Theodore & Rosemary’s Orchard” by Kadavre Exquis “Theodore & Rosemary’s Orchard” by Kadavre Exquis

“Theodore & Rosemary’s Orchard” by Kadavre Exquis

This moody and stylish little film was directed and animated by french musician/artist Kadavre Exquis (aka François Grumelin-Sohn). According to the filmmaker,

“it’s the story of a thief who gets into an orchard at night in order to steal some fruit he needs for his fruit addiction. He finally gets killed by the orchard’s owner and then we learn it was only a nightmare. The main purpose of this video was to work on “clichés”.

His official website (including a making-of) is at the Cargo collective.

  • The Gee

    This might seem lame but I haven’t watched this because the filmmaker blabbed spoilers. Oh sure, he teases cliches…and that’s what you want teased and not the twist in the story….

    I know, I’m lame but it seems less worth watching because now I’m going to look for and anticipate things.

    And, the reason I comment isn’t that lame–despite the look of it–it is just because no one has yet left a comment. And, I didn’t want this to be too odd of a duck.