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“Things You’d Better Not Mix Up” by Joost Lieuwma

Animator Joost Lieuwma graduated in 2005 from the Utrecht School of Arts and has since then been working as a freelance animator in The Netherlands. Here is his first independent film, Things You’d Better Not Mix Up, direct from the festival circuit. It’s slick and silly – but it won me over, with its clever concept and simple charm.

(Thanks, Seppe)

  • Matthew Koh

    This should’ve work as a comic strip instead.

    • Jens

      no, why? I saw this at itfs stuttgart in 2010. It had about 600 people laughing tears. I don’t think a comic of this would have had nearly the same effect.

      great job Joost!

      • I saw this at Florida Film Festival. It got a great reaction from the audience there too (one of the best I think). Funny stuff.

  • Mike

    Didn’t really strike me as anything but a series of predictable and often overly morbid gags. I’d enjoy seeing these visuals put to something with a bit more coherence or direction.

  • Really cute!

  • gervart

    Love it!

  • I thought it was funny. Sure, it could’ve worked as a comic strip, but why not animate it? Then you can control the timing to increase the humor (which they did really well). The predictability actually added to the humor (for me)– I found myself asking, “Whoa– how are they gonna misuse the next prop?” Then they delivered, and hilarity ensued.
    Good stuff!

  • I love animation that makes me laugh out loud… and this did.

  • I thought it was really funny. The cuts in the most gruesome scenes are especially well done. They let you wondering.

    Not all the jokes are morbid either.

  • Taylor

    This would have killed on Liquid Television, or Spike & Mike’s, or even some Adult Swim block.

    Miss seeing work like this.