“Tim Minchin’s Storm – the Animated Movie” by DC Turner “Tim Minchin’s Storm – the Animated Movie” by DC Turner

“Tim Minchin’s Storm – the Animated Movie” by DC Turner

A follow up to Amid’s post from January 2010, here is DC Turner’s complete short Storm, based on a ‘beat poem‘ by Australian comedian and writer Tim Minchin. The film was animated by Turner and Fraser Davidson. The filmmakers also have a blog where they’re posting artwork from the short.

  • hallam

    man this goes on waaaaay too long. the character animation is abysmal, and the narrator is as smug, sneery and overbearing as the woman he’s berating, so by the time it was finished i was heartily sick of the pair of them.

  • http://www.rubberhousestudio.com Ivan Dixon

    Not all Australian vegetarians are as stupid as Storm.

    Dawkins would probably like this clip.

    • http://www.rubberhousestudio.com Greg

      Ha ha I can so relate! Relentless and inane, dull as porridge-without-salt theothphysthical arguments make my “…asshole held back by stones…” roar!

      Great character designs and I really dig that part (1:38) where his wife gives him a wide eyed shake of the head with a mouthful.

      Flattened UPA shapes but given volume via movement. P-p-poetry!

  • http://www.bigfott.com Galen

    Everything about this is fantastic.

  • http://dana-draws.blogspot.com Dana T

    How fun! : D
    I really enjoyed that. Great voice acting too.

    • http://www.rubberhousestudio.com Greg

      No cringe?
      I thought he was nasal, droll – but, I think any man with a goatie like that would probably have a voice like that, so it was well cast.

      • J.M. Urbina

        I just google imaged Tim Minchin .If Eddie Izzard and Russell Brand had a son it would be him.

        GREAT GREAT short by the way. congrats to the makers, and the poem was great too, Altho I believe in God…I think.

  • uncle wayne

    Oooooooooooooooo, mG!! I have not enjoyed a short like that in a lonnnng time. LUV the style….and its pace. (Almost) reminds me of a (modern-day) “Modern Madcap!” (But much better, of course!) Grrrreat! Thank yoo!

  • Grimmy

    I can’t help but love a smackdown of crystal-clutching bongo-spanking rainbow jockeys, especially when it looks so good.
    Well done!

  • http://aalong64.blogspot.com Aaron Long

    This is SO GOOD! Everything about it is great — the writing and performance, the visual style, the animation, the transitions between shots… I would love to get this on DVD.

    • http://www.animationanomaly.com Charles Kenny

      By the sounds of things (on the film’s website), the creators are working on getting a HD version into iTunes which, I think, would be just as good. :)

  • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

    Awful character design.

    • Isaac

      They really took the Family Guy approach to facial expressions.

      • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

        I think Family Guy is better designed than this (which is horrifying in itself).

      • anonyMascot


      • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

        Well, when one works as an animator and has a passion for character design you gain a critical eye for these things.
        If we didn’t then we’d stagnate.

  • cbat628

    This was REALLY good. The whole short was great to look at. The bold use of color, the pitch perfect pacing, and the incredibly witty language were all excellent. I’m also completely enamored of Tim Minchin’s mad rhyming ability. We’re doing (form) poetry in my creative writing class and I could really use a TENTH of this man’s talent; I think the trick is to write about something one is really passionate about, as this short/poem so thoroughly illustrated.

    I would also like to say that I appreciate an intelligent discourse of one’s opinion, (which Mr. Minchin definitely provided), without dismissing the other’s opinion because it differs. I like the zest of life and the love of the world that this short reveals; that’s what I think some of the best shorts do, genuinely reveal a part of the creator’s soul.

  • CC

    Such a great poem and some of the best typography animation out there. The characters could be better… but overall- good stuff.

  • tomm

    love the poem and overall approach -I easily can forgive any shortcomings on the design front because of how much I can relate to the dinner party frustration expressed!

  • http://www.cartoonbrew.com/shorts/tim-minchins-storm-the-animated-movie.html Gm Santiago

    It’s cool and lot of fun. It can help to relief us from stress.