Topper Goes to Space by Benoît Daffis Topper Goes to Space by Benoît Daffis

Topper Goes to Space by Benoît Daffis

French illustrator Benoît Daffis has made a short film that is both stylish and poignant, Topper Goes To Space:

  • True of so many things in life -some ape always gets there first.
    Beautiful work.

  • Yves

    At first I thought he landed in the pool face down in an homage to Sunset Boulevard. But no.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That actually would’ve been quite a shocking end right there!

      • Doug

        Watching I wasn’t quite sure what happened at the end. I was left confused.

  • Dee

    So, Topper was the chimp?

  • Norm

    This is an excellent morale building film for chimps.

    • The Gee

      Wow. That thought never crossed my mind. Though, now that Norm mentions it there might be an empowering aspect to the fact that the chimp wasn’t a cliched sidekick and beat the main character to the rocket.

      (he could still learn a thing or two about sharing though)

      On a semi-serious note, wasn’t the entire cartoon about a kid who was daydreaming after having watched a tv show?

      True, it is odd that he fantasizes about a monkey taking the spaceship he wanted but…okay, that is just weird…..why would he fantasize about all that and lose to a monkey?

      Oh well, all in all it is a good cartoon. Pulls ya in and leaves ya wondering…..

  • David Breneman

    I was waiting for Roland Young to show up in this, but he never appeared.

  • Texas

    I really loved this short from beginning to end. Especially that end, It kinda resonated with me a bit because we all have a time in our lives where we fall short of a dream and have seek solace in unconventional ways. So beautifully human and touching, I hope to see more work of Benoît Daffis in the future! The sound was also magnificent- very well tailored.