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“Toxie” Debuts on NPR Website


When I bumped into Stephen Neary a couple nights ago, he told me about his new animated piece “Toxie” which debuted on this morning and can be seen here. Produced for the show “Planet Money,” Toxie reenvisions a toxic asset as a cute but destructive pet creature. Stephen directed and animated, and Connie Li Chan provided assistant animation and backgrounds. The piece communicates a difficult concept quite effectively, and there’s some really nice character animation to boot–an impressive accomplishment especially considering their turnaround time was just three weeks.

  • Oscar

    Bullcrap!!! There’s only ONE Toxie. The TOXIC AVENGER!!!!

  • The Gee

    That’s a nice coincidence. I just watched that very cartoon yesterday. And it stuck with me so much I mentioned it to someone earlier.

    It is darn difficult to tackle that subject and the setup for the piece was rather clever. Those who haven’t watched it: those three characters in the frame grab are well thought out. Smart and simple.

    The piece made me just as mad as the whole dang situation has made me in the past several years. So it was smartly done and whoever broke it down did a great job.

    And, I think it is great that NPR had this made and that crew did such a great job.

  • Those two are pretty freakin’ talented. It’s nice to see animation so well designed and though-out.

  • thanks, amid. we were so busy completing this that I didn’t even realize how ridiculous the situation was until now. Hats off to the Planet Money team–they do an amazing job.

  • Yeah, I was just thinking this is going to confuse a lot of Troma fans…

  • nice job guyz!! wow, three weeks, that’s crazy.

  • that is SO cute

  • why didn’t he air it on PBS’ website. They’re visual, NPR’s not.