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Where Dan Meth sees Hollywood updates of classic toy and cartoon properties going. He’s not far off:

(Thanks, Sterling Sheehy)

  • HaHa!! Excellent..more please!

  • Very funny clip.

    According to yesterday’s NPR morning news, the next big movie trend is not toys, but old, established board games. The reasoning given and I am paraphrasing but not joking: “The less specific the branded source material is, the better”, where execs are concerned.

    Maybe “Husker Du?” could be a musical, with music by Husker Du.

  • Tim G :)

    Great Clip…….really clever hehe

  • Gary Pearson

    Funny. Also, I’d go see David Cronenberg’s take on the Cabbage Patch dolls.

  • Tom D.

    around 35 seconds in, during the cabbage patch scene, john lithgow’s thumbs are on the wrong side of his hands.

  • Richard

    If my memory serves me right, a movie about “The Smurfs” was used in a “Saturday Night Live” (I believe from a 1999 or 2000 episode with Garth Brooks). Actually, it sounds like they used Will Ferrell’s dialogue in this clip.

    And, yes, I would like to see that Koosh movie.

  • Let me just wipe the tears from my eyes….It’s so true! I see those movies in the works as we speak.

  • Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

  • Michael F.

    The Teddy Ruxpin one is dead-on Wes Anderson.

  • Killskerry

    Will Finn: Its true I heard that they are remaking the old Clue movie and a live action Candyland film is in the works.

    The Teddy Ruxpin Wes Anderson movie was my favorite and its kinda ironic since hes making that Fantastic Mr. Fox film.

  • 808

    Just wondering what’s taking Thundercats so long to become a Micheal Bay catastrophe – – er film

  • Jason

    That was a freaking riot!!!!!!

  • That’s great. I especially liked the Playdough trailer clip.

  • doug holverson

    Oh great! Candyland, The Motion Picture!

  • Billy Batz

    they forgot to re design the characters like hollywood does.

  • Katella Gate

    Alf was the funniest cause I did not see it coming.

  • vzk

    Smurfs and Alf weren’t originally toy properties.

  • Inkan1969

    I was expecting the Smurfs movie to be directed by Mel Gibson instead.

  • Brass Glass

    Is it just me or could this drawing and animation be better? I don’t wanna be a stinker, but I never got why this dude’s stuff took off? Seems like the themes here and the execution are pretty weak…
    I also noticed the thumbs. Maybe I am a jerk and should just think and say this is awesome, but it ain’t so :(

  • That’s just brilliant :-p

  • Saw this just the other day.

    Yes, Michael F, The Wes Anderson Teddy Ruxpin is spot on, and I was cracking up. The timing for when Wes Anderson’s name comes up is perfect!

  • Some Guy

    Will Finn’s comment made me laugh more than anything else I’ve seen on the internet in a while!

    If only there was a Vietnam War board game called “Fugazi,” I’d fucking watch that!

  • I’d see that Wes Anderson/Teddy Ruxpin movie.

  • Actually, David Lynch and David Cronenberg could do great things here. And as for the Smurfs, you’d think Peter Jackson would add more smurfettes.

  • TsimoneTseTse

    Slinky Tim Burton music by D Elfman
    Easy Bake Oven Cheech & Chong
    Sea Monkeys (never materialized)

    re: “Is it just me or could this drawing and animation be better?….”

    No, it is not you, but your request to review Rocky & Bullwinkle has been denied.

  • I keep wondering if any other Sid & Marty Krofft properties will become films after Land of the Lost…I eagerly await a gritty, noir-ish Lidsville starring Robert DeNiro as Hoodoo.

  • St. McDuck

    Brilliant. That just made my morning.

  • Not an Animator

    Damn. I’m not a big t-shirt fan but put those Care Bears on a shirt and I’ll buy it-in fact, I think I’m just going to make my own :)

  • Lindsay

    Hah! I loved the Ruxpin clip – and I haven’t even SEEN any Wes Anderson films! ;D The Lynch Koosh Ball was hilarious too for its starkness and the super-short appearance of the title card. ^_^

    Sad to say, I just might pay to see a Care Bear vs. My Little Pony movie – if only for the novelty of seeing them tear each other apart. :>

  • That was so great! I am going to laugh about that for a long long time as each of them come true.

  • Mike

    They actually are planning a Smurfs movie