Trailer for “The Boy In The Bubble” by Kealan O’Rourke Trailer for “The Boy In The Bubble” by Kealan O’Rourke

Trailer for “The Boy In The Bubble” by Kealan O’Rourke

Here’s the trailer for Kealan O’Rourke’s short film, The Boy In The Bubble. I don’t know anything about the film, but it’s a gorgeous looking teaser:

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  • Just won the top prize in the Galway film fleadh a very impressive piece

  • ok the VO has me hooked already

  • Justin

    Looks so damn gorgeous! Knew it was Alan Rickman as soon as he started talking. Makes it so much better

  • Rufus

    I dislike the character design. It looks a lot like the free Andy rig used in many colleges.
    Alan Rickman rules, nevertheless.

  • A few lines there are drawn from the warning at the beginning of Frankenstein, as delivered in 1931 by Edward Van Sloan.

  • Animus

    Have the Karloff and Lugosi estates been properly paid off for use of their images? It’s nice to see them, anyway. We can thank Tim Burton for the association of Gothic imagery with melancholic yearning.

    • jp

      Burton, …or Poe, or Lovecraft, or Edward Gorey, or Chas Addams, or Dark Shadows, or all Burton’s other Goth peers from the ’80s. Pretty sure the Gothic wistful melancholic meme goes back a ways. Now excuse me while I drown myself in absinth and pine for my Lenore before throwing myself off the nearest bluff.

  • Great narration. Could be humbling.

  • The CG actually looks kind of..I don’t know. Plasticy? toylike?

  • Mathew

    I like the Nightmare Before Christmas/ Coraline look. Although, Alan Rickman is enough to get me interested in this. I could listen to his voice for hours.

  • Skid

    Kind of reminds me of American McGee’s Alice. The animation isn’t one of my favorite points though, it seems a bit lifeless. Nonetheless it still is visually appealing and I enjoyed it.

  • Conor

    Not crazy about the Character animation and design, but there’s some pretty gorgeous backgrounds and effects. Plus Alan Rickman’s voice makes everything better.

  • yeah the animation itself was very lackluster but the idea looks good!

  • MissN how did they get Rickman to narrate what looks like a PC game cinematic?

  • MissN asks:

    “how did they get Rickman to narrate what looks like a PC game cinematic?”

    Easy when you know how. Kealan O’Rourke is a Very Charming fellow indeed. Not nearly as seductive as Alan Rickman’s voice…

    As someone once said: “acting is the shy man’s revenge”.