TRAILER: “Junkyard” By Hisko Hulsing TRAILER: “Junkyard” By Hisko Hulsing

TRAILER: “Junkyard” By Hisko Hulsing

The trailer for Seventeen director Hisko Hulsing’s new short Junkyard excites the senses with solid character animation, rich environments, and a cinematic quality. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  • I’m sure it’s good but it looks heavily rotoscoped. I wonder way they decided on animation? Perhaps there are some surprises that deserved a drawn approach?

    • Yes it’s rotoscoped, but Hisko (and Stefan) do amazingly cool things with the sculpted faces, bring you to a hyper real level of animation. Or rather obtuse levels of reality. Hisko knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s not about cheating on animation, it’s about tone and mood and making you see the world in a new way. And by combining techniques you’re transported. You’ll see.

      • Hisko Hulsing

        Wow, how do you know about the sculpted heads and faces? We actually animated claymodels of all the heads, using them as reference for the faces. Maybe that shows, that’s good. In a few weeks I will have a new website with lots of insight in the techniques used.

  • Hisko Hulsing

    To answer your question, Joel, I decided to animate, because I’m an animator (and so are my co-workers) I decided to paint all the backgrounds with oilpaint, because I am a painter and I decided to write the music for an orchestra, because I am a composer. I am not a live-action director.
    We only rotoscoped bodies and sometimes only parts of the bodies. All heads and all hair is purely animated.
    But having developed this realistic style of drawing and animation, it would be insane not to use live-action. Also, the result is that the editing in this film is far above average, having had the advantage of editing, before anything was animated.
    I never liked rotoscopy, but in this film the combination of techniques work very well, I think. So far our little in-depth interview. Thank you and good night.

  • Gbop

    Saw this at Annecy, loved it !

  • Tex

    I’ve been hungrily checking Hiskos vimo channel regularly for the past 2 years seeing tiny fragments of this film come to light and its fantastic to finally see the trailer! The lighting, shadows, setting and animation look beautiful as well as the surrealistic elements so it looks like its defiantly worth the wait.

    Cant wait to see this in full!!

  • This was one of the most-talked-about films at Annecy this year. Beautiful piece of work. I’m not a fan or rotoscoping but it sat well with the realistic style of this film. Also a great ad for TVPaint software, a tool I’m very tempted to splash out on.

  • Laura

    This one should have won the Annecy Chrystal for best short film! It’s 17 minutes long but leaves you craving for a longer movie. Congrats to Hisko and his crew for this outstanding job.

  • hisko hulsing

    So good to hear this…thank you.