Julie-FaureBrac Julie-FaureBrac

“Transe Le Gros” by Julie Faure-Brac

This sequence—Transe Le Gros—by Julie Faure-Brac was made for “Incantations”, an interactive installation produced in collaboration with dancer Rachid Ouramdane. It premiered in 2009 at “La Nuit Blanche” in Paris. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an animated piece capture the frenzied fervor of ritualistic practice and the disturbing sense of chaos and comedy that often accompanies such appeals to the divine.

You can see the other parts of Julie’s installation—Transe Le maigre and Transe Le rockeur—as well as how they were all combined together into an installation.

  • As interesting as it can be, this piece still gave me nightmares.

  • Amazing! Was it made through rotoscoping?

  • Nick

    Cool. It’s like performance art aided by animation.