“Trim” by Peter Simon “Trim” by Peter Simon
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“Trim” by Peter Simon

Reverse beard pixilation is done so often it’s almost an animation meme, but there’s always room for one more, especially when it’s as well done as Peter Simon‘s Trim. The comments on the Reddit post about the film are interesting too–”I love how my assumption of who he is changed with each new hair style,” “Nazi, punk kid, white trash, hipster, biker, Jesus, Ultra-Jesus”–as well as the response from the director Simon: “That is something we were talking about while we were working on this. Each style has a very specific stereotype attached.”

  • “Ultra Jesus”? …….I’m in !

  • JG

    It’s great to see animators find creative uses for side effects of being chained to their animation desk for prolonged amounts of time…

  • TStevens

    I was a little dissapointed to not see the mullet (aka the Kentucky Waterfall) represented. Maybe he can do that one after another years worth of growth.

    I like the idea of how changing a persons hairstyle and beard can drastically alter how the viewer sees that person. In a strange way it reminds of the opening sequence in Full Metal Jacket when the draftees get their heads shaved. In that case, the reverse happens and they are stripped of their individuallity as they loose thier hair.

  • Tim

    Isn’t this just a copy of this http://www.cartoonbrew.com/shorts/timber-by-adam-fisher.html

    I’d be pissed if I were this guy. Trims set to have a million hits in the next couple of days. and from what i can see it’s just a copy.

  • Maybe it’s not as elaborated… but I did this 2 years ago: http://benjaminarcand.blogspot.com/2009/06/cul-sec-barbu-tous-risques.html