trolleyboy trolleyboy

“Trolley Boy” by Teemu Auersalo

Ireland-based Finnish animator Teemu Auersalo created Trolley Boy, a droll fantasy about a supermarket employee transcending the drudgery of daily life. The highlight is Auersalo’s distinctive rough-hewn CGI style which adds visual interest to the story.

(h/t Caleb Wood)

  • caleb wood

    yeah, good stuff great energy

    • Thanks Caleb, I had a lot of work related frustration at the time and was able to channel some of that into the film :D

  • Thanks! I first created the animation in Maya with very rough modeling, and I made things boil by replacing shapes instead of putting on an effect. Then Ronan Coyle made his magic with particles and brush strokes… Something to do with colour-by-numbers which you have to ask him more about!

    My brain always thinks stop-motion or cut-out animation when I make stuff in CG. The further you keep from photorealism in CG the less stuck you are with the rules of realism and you can for example have a full hold.

  • Mike Scott

    That is awesome!