<i>TRON</i> in cardboard <i>TRON</i> in cardboard

TRON in cardboard

Tron’s light-cycle chase recreated in cardboard, with stop-motion and pixilation techniques – no CG!

(Thanks Mark Mayerson)

  • Michel Gondry must’ve had a hand in this.

  • Sweet! That must have been fun to make. I’m not a super big fan of pixelation, but it is sad that we don’t see more of it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paul N

    Give these guys the effects contract for Tron 2! :0)

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    The material is immaterial when you have talent and creativity.

  • salvador ragdolly

    how SWEDE it is!

  • brilliant! I love the little “making-of” clips at the end. hilarious!

  • red pill junkie

    That. Was. Sweet! ^-^

  • droosan

    I was actually under the impression that many of the effects in TRON were acheived in a similar way; i.e., physical sets/models & miniatures were photographed, then optically composited with the ‘glowy’ elements to give it a CG ‘look’.

  • Well that was quite a bit more elaborate than my stop-motion/pixelation film based on Tron (in soul, not shot for shot the same and with an original soundtrack) that I did for the Sci-Fi Channel two years ago:


  • They should have done it that way the first time.

    Did the story make any sense to anybody? When I first saw the film I thought the projectionist had the reels mixed up.

  • Be Kind Rewind.

  • Chuck R.

    Fun! Reminds me of “Hardware Wars” and all those other Fosselius spoofs of the 70’s. This probably isn’t necessary, but:

  • amanda

    That was f’ing amazing!! hot damn!!! That took a lot of effort and it really came through well!! Sooooooo cool!!!!!!

  • Keith Paynter

    People think it’s cool, and yet there are those who like to bash Family Guy for doing the exact same thing?

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Keith– or Robot Chicken?


    (Sorry if this is a repost.)

  • BTW… I think the stop-mo technique is spelled pixilation (from the notion of “pixies”) to distinguish it from the the blocky aliasing we call pixelation.

  • when i saw this.. i was completely amazed. still am

  • Pretty nice!

    QUOTE: “People think it’s cool, and yet there are those who like to bash Family Guy for doing the exact same thing?”
    No because Family Guy is not remotely the same thing as remaking tron with cardboard?

  • If this isn’t on the extras on my new TRON dvd I’m taking it back! Brilliant!