“Troubleshooting” by Eric Ko “Troubleshooting” by Eric Ko

“Troubleshooting” by Eric Ko

Today, in Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival, we’re pleased to present Troubleshooting by Eric Ko, of the Rhode Island School of Design. Produced as minimalist as any film could be; Ko uses only simple line figures in black and white to take us on a journey, from a routine morning bus ride to a spectacular sci-fi apocalypse, with one surprise after another. Like his slacker protagonist, Ko is a self-assured filmmaker with a sly sense of humor and a fine sense of visual storytelling Troubleshooting has an imaginative premise, superb execution and proves, in this case, that less is more, as long as someone hits the “reset” button.

Click HERE to read an interview with the filmmaker Eric Ko.

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  • My body was not ready. So rad.

  • christy

    wow that was awesome! great film! psyched to see more of eric’s work!!!

  • LIKED. really fun idea and visuals. Nice!

  • Benjamin Arthur

    Fantastic, I love the style, the story, the characters, it all comes together amazingly well. My favorite bit was at the end when the bus bursts through the rubble and broken down cars and almost hits a man, he just kind of totters around then walks off the edge of the bridge. I love little touches like that.

  • Mapache

    Adrien Merigeau meets Bryan Lee O’Malley.
    Totally has my vote.