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Unpublished Bill Peet Drawings

Bill Peet drawing

If you’ve ever wondered why Disney story artist Bill Peet is often referred to as a master draftsman, look no further than these never-before-published drawings by Peet for a planned storybook about Susie the Blue Coupe. They’re posted in two parts on Michael Sporn’s blog: Part I and Part II.

The story was turned into a Disney theatrical short in 1952. It can be viewed on YouTube. An interesting note about the film: Hans Perk, a reliable Disney authority, says in the comments of Sporn’s post that Susie the Blue Coupe is one of a handful of Disney shorts that has lapsed into the public domain. So remix away folks!

  • top cat james

    “Susie” is also available as a “hidden” cartoon on “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” DVD. It’s the “prize” for winning the trivia game on that disc.

  • Firoz

    There’s a really fascinating and candid interview with Bill Peet here that’s definitely worth a read

  • Jesse Haskell

    In reference to poster Hans Perk’s contention that this production is Public Domain – nothing could be further from the truth. Our classic animated short is most assuredly a property of Disney Enterprises Inc. and as such is fully controlled and owned by our Company.

    Jesse Haskell, Clearance Administrator
    Corporate Legal Rights Administration
    The Walt Disney Company
    500 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-0175

  • Mike Grimshaw

    Susie the Blue Coupe is available as a free download from iTunes, in a collection called Vintage Tooncast in their podcast section.