vesuves_manach vesuves_manach

“Vésuves” by Kevin Manach

Robert Crumb meets the Estonian school of animation in this delightfully creepy short by Gobelins student Kevin Manach (previously on Cartoon Brew). He made Vésuves during an exchange program at CalArts.

  • Rufus

    That was awesome. I do NOT regret spending 2:54 to watch this. Great short, great concept, great style. Rocks!

  • Rajesh


  • Felt like Fantastic Planet (La Planète Sauvage).
    Killer. Wanted to see more.

    So, is her head like a big floppy sausage or what?

    • i think it’s her hair, like how the back of a woman’s head looks but mirrored at the front.

  • What an interesting moment, and how very nicely shown!! I’m with Rufus on this one, I feel like every second of this short is justified. You can be proud of this piece and grateful that you have skills like this.

  • Perfect! Loved it. Thank you. I think it’s more the early Otomo meeting the Estonians than it is Crumb, but that’s style and linework more than content. Perfect little gem, thanks again for sharing.