‘Videogioco’ by Donato Sansone ‘Videogioco’ by Donato Sansone

‘Videogioco’ by Donato Sansone

Donato Sansone makes bizarre little test films, mostly live action. Enrico Ascoli, his sound designer, posts them online. This is one of his best and its animated:

  • Tim Schuit


    That was pure insanity. And I loved it.

  • this is amazing!

  • Tim

    thats amazing! so tech

  • Iritscen

    Cool, I wonder if is there a name for this kind of animation.

  • Amazing !
    This style is too cool..
    bloody & gorrific !

  • That was pretty impressive!

  • Doofus

    Neat idea. I actually really like the audience’s reaction, makes it feel much more alive.

  • juan

    complimenti anche di qui donato!
    dovresti cercar di farlo vedere un po’ dappertutto.
    ancora, bravo!

  • Gio Renna

    Evvai! Altri Italiani su questo sito!

    But for everybody else who might not have caught it, the title translates from Italian to Video Game.

  • This is just the type of film I want to see on Cartoon Brew. Inventive, fun, inspiring, gross, slapstick. All my favorite things!