Donato Sansone makes bizarre little test films, mostly live action. Enrico Ascoli, his sound designer, posts them online. This is one of his best and its animated:

  • Tim Schuit


    That was pure insanity. And I loved it.

  • bone

    this is amazing!

  • Tim

    thats amazing! so tech

  • Iritscen

    Cool, I wonder if is there a name for this kind of animation.

  • Jeremy

    Amazing !
    This style is too cool..
    bloody & gorrific !

  • Daniel Caylor

    That was pretty impressive!

  • Doofus

    Neat idea. I actually really like the audience’s reaction, makes it feel much more alive.

  • juan

    complimenti anche di qui donato!
    dovresti cercar di farlo vedere un po’ dappertutto.
    ancora, bravo!

  • Gio Renna

    Evvai! Altri Italiani su questo sito!

    But for everybody else who might not have caught it, the title translates from Italian to Video Game.

  • Fran Krause

    This is just the type of film I want to see on Cartoon Brew. Inventive, fun, inspiring, gross, slapstick. All my favorite things!