“Viliam” by Veronika Obertová “Viliam” by Veronika Obertová

“Viliam” by Veronika Obertová

Viliam is Veronika Obertová‘s graduation short from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. The handmade papercraft technique fits nicely with the theme of obsessive artistic creation at all costs. I was also impressed by Obertová’s satiric styling and how she subverted the crisp and safe paper sculpture shapes with quasi-grotesque character designs comprised of dangling noses, freakish mouth shapes, spoked-wheel eyes and heavy black outlines.

  • That was great. A nice story told beautifully.

  • GhaleonQ

    I don’t mind animation for its own sake, but it’s nice when animators do art because they have something to say.

    This was a marvelous example. Stellar work, Veronika!

  • outstanding work .. thanks for sharing and congrats to the filmmakers.

  • Chris Robinson

    that’s the sort of crap that Ottawa would take

    • amid

      Everybody gets lucky sometimes =)

  • I really enjoyed this…
    and my guess is, villiam is going out to get a water proof material :)

  • Hey that was touching. i love the story :)

  • Great great short film! One of the best i have seen from a student! a masterpiece…