“Villains” by Bill Cleveland and Kylar Loya “Villains” by Bill Cleveland and Kylar Loya

“Villains” by Bill Cleveland and Kylar Loya

A NSFW (Not Safe For Work) history lesson about vampires…

  • JC

    Ever heard of Christopher Lee?

    I enjoyed this, I need part 2.

    • I to wonder why he left out Lee, I mean the guy played him more times than the others combined.

      But that nitpick aside, the video was decent, the narrator sounded a bit bored and unenthusiastic but the animation and designs looked good. Somewhat reminiscent of Superjail’s artstyle.

    • Dudley12

      Indeed. More please.

  • JWLane

    Yes, I enjoyed this too – a little bit of a history buff here; er, even pseudo history when it’s not in a Texas textbook.

  • Robby

    Amazing!! Where can I see more?

  • S

    Love this! The Barrel O’Boys bit is my favorite. More more!