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Visions of Frank dvd

Visions of Frank

Visions of Frank is a dvd that came out last year collecting eight animated shorts by Japanese animators, all based on Jim Woodring’s wondrous comic creation Frank. The 45-minute dvd, which sells for $25 on Woodring’s website, also comes with a 16-page booklet, and includes Woodring’s own animated short Whim-Grinder. More info from the website:

VISIONS OF FRANK collects 8 wild Frank animations made by some of Japan’s most innovative and idiosyncratic filmmakers: Taruto Fuyama, Eri Yoshimura, art unit COCOA, DROP INC., Masaki Naito, Kanako Kawaguchi, Naomi Nagata. Each piece is an interpretation of a classic Frank comic and is scored by musicians from Japan and the USA. The films run the gamut of animation techniques: 3D CG, paper craft, clay, iron sand and traditional cel 2D…For each animation, you are able to choose between the original music and the newly composed music by other musicians. Participating musicians include James McNew (from Yo La Tengo), The Coctails, Dame Darcy, Kicell, Milk Yabe, and others.

A number of the shorts, if not all, are viewable on YouTube including this fine one:

  • Ryan

    I bought this DVD sometime last year, it’s worth the money if you’re a fan of Woodring’s work, although if you’re unfamiliar with him, the shorts may seem a tad incomprehensible. It comes in a wonderful package though, with pop-up illustrations all over the inside of it.

    Fans of Yo La Tengo may also be interested in it…

  • Billy Batz

    looks good!!!

  • Bart

    There is a lot of work in comics that’s underappreciated by animators. I’m very surprised Cartoon Brew pointed out a Jim Woodring DVD.

  • Jim

    Woodring is the undeniable phlegm that holds reality apart.

  • WHOA! Awesome animation going on here. I’m gonna save up some clams to support these animators. Thanks for posting this Amid, I’ve never heard of it!

  • If you’ve read the comics but haven’t seen this DVD it’s a must see. The cartoons are not rote recreations of the comic panels; they expand on the comics using beats and timing that make the comics come alive and at the same time allow the artist to express themselves within the world. What’s more, someone taught Jim how to use flash so he animated the “whim-grinder” short himself. Order the DVD! The resolution and supporting the artist are worth it.

  • A very excellent cartoon from a wonderful comic. Before now I was skeptical, after all either the animators were inbetweening the comics or they were adding something not in the comic.

    But I enjoyed this short and will make a point of ordering the DVD.

  • billburgNYC

    For years I’ve dreamt of seeing Woodring’s work adapted in animation, and this is better than I’d hoped. I can’t wait to see the rest of this DVD.

  • w

    There should be more of these types of collaborations going on! Very cool. Gonna get me that one…thanks Amid! Viva Animaçione!

  • jim is an amazingly imaginative and talented man with a lovely personality to boot. when you buy this dvd, your money will be going to supporting someone who really deserves it.

    by the way, for those of you in portland, OR, jim and other comic luminaries will have an art opening at floating world comics. more details on their site:

  • it’s really awesome how these shorts touch on different forms and times of animation. right now i’m on number 3 and it feels like they were going for a really early animation vibe, say early 20’s or just before. number 4 is more a “golden age” style short with psychedelic trappings. cut-out and 3d thrown into the mix. Woodring’s artwork cries out to be animated and these are doing it justice!

    i find it fascinating that they’re all done by Japanese artists. It’s really refreshing to see more Japanese animation getting distribution that isn’t “anime.” not only because i’m sick of anime…BUT because this stuff is awesome and Japan has a lot more to offer than one artistic style for sure!

  • Yowsah, thanks for yer post, gave it a mention here (and feel free to join the fan fun, clickety).