“Visit” by Kangmin Kim “Visit” by Kangmin Kim
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“Visit” by Kangmin Kim

While animation is usually a time-consuming craft, some people push it further than others. All I could think of while watching Kangmin Kim‘s Visit was how long it took him to make the film. The mixed-media project (stop motion, cut out and paint on glass) was made in the CalArts experimental animation program, and while the storytelling leaves something to be desired, the careful attention to visual detail is entrancing. The making-of video after the jump offers a glimpse at his insane production process:

(via Kirsten Lepore)

  • That set is amazing.

  • Some really nice visuals going on. The city model is pretty amazing.

  • Yay, Kangmin! His sets and puppets are truly amazing, and very miniature. Last term, he was able to carry one of his sets in a children’s lunchbox. All of his films are also unique and beautiful. Congratulations, friend.