<em>Volgens de vogels</em> by Linde Faas <em>Volgens de vogels</em> by Linde Faas

Volgens de vogels by Linde Faas

I woke up this morning (this afternoon, to be honest) hating animation. Blame it on last night’s interminable ASIFA-East screening of uninspiring and insipid indie shorts. Only something truly beautiful could uplift my spirit and make me appreciate this art form again. Thankfully, I stumbled across Volgens de vogels (According to Birds), a 2008 graduation film by Linde Faas (b. 1985). Touches of Norstein throughout, and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Sometimes you gotta despair to see the good again.

  • I vaguely remember this film when it won best student film (or something like that) at the Holland Animation Film Festival in 2008. I didn’t necessarily remember it though, because we were all so blown away by Plympton’s ‘Idiots & Angels’. Thanks for reminding me, Amid. Big thumbs up for this one.

  • Steve Gattuso

    This was in a “Show of Shows” screening a couple of years ago. Simple and beautiful.

  • that was beautiful. It was like a soft visual poem.

    Sometimes I feel that same way about animation. Its like an abusive significant other and yet I keep coming back because I know that he has some good in him.

    Think of the good times amid. The pixar times not the Zemekis mo-cap times.

  • This was a wonderful short – really enjoyed this. I know it’s not much of a comment but that’s all you can say about something this poetic.

    I don’t think I’ll bother with the negative part of this post though. :/

  • I’m grasping for adequate words to describe my reaction to watching this, but adjectives like beautiful, elegant, understated, have been so abused that i think we need new words. maybe, beaulegantic.

  • Carl


  • Wow, this animation was amazing!

    As for the Asifa Screenings:
    As a whole, I thought the student films were better than the ‘indie’ films

  • Gorgeous, like a masterful screen painting come to life.

  • Doug Cummings

    Fantastic, thanks for the post, Amid.

  • Good call Amid.

    This should hang in a museum! (*of animation of course)

    I’m still drooling..