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VooDooDog Shorts


I’ve mentioned the amazing work of London’s VooDooDog studio before. Between commercial assignments, the company supports and encourages its animators to create short films. Among the showreels and illustrations on their elaborate website are several of these works: Paul Donnellon’s Figment (above center), a violent battle between man versus toon; Scribble (pictured above left), a burst of pure energy with stick figures; and Maki Yashikuras’ The Girl Who Did Things She Didn’t Like First (aboove right), a charming fable.

  • Tom Pope

    Neat films. But (and maybe I’m an old fogy before my time) I found the site to be an unneccessary pain to use. Just hold still a second!

  • “Figment” might have been more effective if they had not made the bad choice of putting the dark character against the dark couch background. All the action is lost.

    I agree with the above, the site interface is an unecessary impediment to to seeing their work.