Vote For Mulvar! Vote For Mulvar!

Vote For Mulvar!

He’s got my vote. Mulvar is the brainchild of Montreal based animator Patrick Désilets. Mulvar is correct candidate!

  • Ryan

    It’s funny that such a silly loony loopy cartoon can also be such a stinging political and social satire. It’s also sad that real life politics and political candidates have reached such a resounding parity with that satire.

    PS: Great Job Patrick

  • Corey K.


  • That was hilarious! Again!

  • This is hilarious and really hits close to home.

  • sam

    This is brilliant on so many levels.

  • It’s particularly interesting to note that the whole thing was inspired by a photo of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper holding a kitten. :)

    • Tom T.

      Understandably, because his puppy photo op wasn’t as good.

      Anyway yes, a wonderful animated short! A good cheer-up at the end of the day. :)

  • Well done! Concept and animation are on point!

  • Edie

    Mulvar on Twitter YAY!

  • this I love! this I vote FOR!

  • I’m not sure why this is funny… But I kinda dig it!

  • Spencer

    From one ADD animator to another… Where’s my sandwich? COOL CARTOON!