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Waif of Persephone Arrives on DVD


Nick Cross has released a limited edition dvd of his wonderful 12-minute animated short The Waif of Persephone. The dvd, which includes extras like director commentary, story reel and pencil tests, is available through Nick’s blog for $13.99 (via Paypal or money order) and includes free shipping. I’ve already plunked down my money, and anybody else who wants to support some independent, uncompromising cartoony goodness would be well advised to do the same. Nick has also posted a clip from the film on his blog.

  • I have sent my money as well!!! Based on the two clips that he has on his site, not to mention all of the other amazing bits and pieces, this should be amazing.

    It’s so great to see an artist who does not depend on anyone else, and actually gets the work done. I hope he makes a bunch of cash on this DVD.

    I can’t wait for his new short “Yellow Cake”!

  • I ordered my copy yesterday. After following the progress on Nick’s site I can’t wait to see the finished film.

  • Looks really nice, professional. Flash allows us to make such a nice animations.



  • I wonder if he’ll ship to the UK..

  • Yes I will!

  • Nick, I shall be ordering one!

  • ss

    Timely work. Carnegie and Rockefeller will eat their hats when they see this!

  • DensityDuck

    Yeah, it’s a good thing someone finally went after those guys. Down with the Biscuit Trust!

  • Nick: Fantastic! I’ve ordered my copy! Just now!

  • Just ordered mine too!! Can’t wait to watch the whole thing. Just wonderful!!!