“West” by Steven Subotnick “West” by Steven Subotnick

“West” by Steven Subotnick

West is an evocative hand-drawn piece directed and animated by Rhode Island-based filmmaker Steven Subotnick. The film delivers a powerful message using sophisticated graphic and filmmaking concepts:

“A president on a train chases a bear out west. One in a series of short animations about the destruction of the American wilderness.”

  • http://www.jjsedelmaier.com J.J. Sedelmaier

    Terrific ! Thanks for posting !

  • http://www.ghostbot.com roque

    Yay Steve!

    • http://www.stevensubotnick.com Steven Subotnick

      Hi Roque!

  • http://www.studiosoi.de/blog jakob

    Fantastic! Steinberg meets Chwast meets Kentridge. The two most intriguing pieces you’ve posted here in a long while (this and Forbis’ and Tilby’s “Wild Life”) are both soothingly mature pieces of 2D. (We need more of that.) These even seem to a vague thematic kinship. Any way, thanks, Steven Subotnick, great stuff!

    • http://www.stevensubotnick.com Steven Subotnick

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Pez

    This is awesome . Great work

    • http://www.stevensubotnick.com Steven Subotnick

      Thanks! I appreciate it.