When Herzog Rescued Phoenix When Herzog Rescued Phoenix

When Herzog Rescued Phoenix

A new animated short from Sascha Ciezata, the animator of When Lynch Met Lucas. Here, famed film director Werner Herzog recounts the time he rescued Joaquin Phoenix from lighting a deadly cigarette. This is not connected to the current Joaquin Phoenix documentary by Casey Affleck.

  • I love the simple yet elegant style Sasha has created. Nice use of stop motion, and cool story as well.

  • its like a weird cut out re-enactment of a bizarre event. So simple and compelling. Love it.

  • That’s amazing. I love it. I’d only heard Phoenix’s version of the story, as told on Letterman or the Tonight Show or somewhere, which omits the whole part about the cigarette, but confirms that Herzog just bailed, not wanting to make a fuss. These drawings here were hilarious.

  • Steve Menke

    Imagining the potential for an animated version of “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe”…