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“When In The Country”

When in the Country

When In The Country is a stylish British public safety film from 1963. Please share if you know the studio or director responsible for this. I found out about the short thanks to Lost Continent which is a commendable blog dedicated to exploring the artwork and history of British animation.

  • They make rudeness and inconsideration look so stylish and proper!

  • I’ve always thought it was produced by Halas & Batchelor. There’s a great DVD collection available in the UK called “Charlie Says”, which has this and dozens more Public Information Films stuffed onto it

  • There’s a great dvd of public information films here, you may have seen it already:


    I’m not sure, but i think this film might be on there. I’ll check my dvd when I get home from work!

  • I have this film on the DVD ‘Charley Says – The Best Public Information Films in the World’ which sadly doesn’t list a studio credit. It’s a region 0 PAL DVD packed with 157 (!) animated and live action public information shorts. Worth collecting.


  • The Youtube user at the following link has uploaded a lot of films included on the dvd mentioned by a few of us on this thread. Animated ones are mostly at the bottom of his upload list:


  • Chris Sobieniak

    “Public Information Films” in the UK tend to be very direct and in-your-face at times I noticed. They get the point across a lot more than what the Ad Council ’round here does!

  • Dean

    I happen to have the original 1998 VHS release of the Charley Says PSA compilation, which states the studios for each of the PSAs on the liner notes. Among the studios listed were TVC London, Animus, and Grand Slamm; although the overwhelming majority seem to be by Richard Taylor Cartoons. This particular PSA, which was originally screened in theaters and then later aired in graveyard slots on TV, was animated by Guild Animation Ltd.; whose output virtually consisted of instructional films.

  • david

    I have seen this public information film many many times. It will live with me till i die i guess. Can anyone tell me who composed the music to this film?