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Wile E. Coyote in “127 Hours”

New York based animator Rob Yulfo came up with this parody of the recent Danny Boyle, James Franco movie:

  • I laughed out loud just reading the title.

    It was thoroughly great from beginning to end. Brilliant idea and execution. Bravo.

  • Milo Thatch

    Not bad. Interesting to note… while you can nearly re-create a classic WB cartoon by yourself these days, something like this makes me appreciate that much more just how truly talented the original animators were.

    The setting looks good, the character designs are right, the jokes (albeit recycled from classic Road Runner shorts) work fine. But animation-wise, well, this ain’t no Ken Harris. Not even close.

  • Toonio

    The jokes were quite good. Hopefully we’ll get to see more stuff from Yulfo, like the Porky in The king’s speech.

  • cbat628

    That brought a warm smile across my face. :)

  • Clint

    Porky Pig + The King’s Speech = Epic LOL

    This video was pretty funny, BTW.

  • mara

    that was pretty hilarious. i didnt think i would laugh out loud, but some of those gags got some honest gut laughs. kudos rob!

  • Joe

    Black Swan with Daffy Duck and True Grit with Yosemite Sam would also be great!

  • Not too shabby! :)

  • top cat james

    alternate titles-

    “A Farewell To Arm”
    “Sever Penalty”
    “Amputee For Two”
    “Knife Day, Isn’t It?”
    “Out of a Limb”
    “Taken From Granite”
    “Disappearing Link”
    “Crushin’ Stalactite Program”
    “A Boulder’s Fresh Piece of Extremity”

    Man, I woulda wowed ’em at Famous Studios. ;)

  • Andreas Deja

    Outstanding !

  • Val

    Really fun cartoon, liked the idea. The pacing seemed off on the gags, though.

  • The animation may not be perfect, but the gags were good enough to make to inspire a RR cartoon (instead of the new shorts that we all know)
    Bravo Mr. Yulfo!

  • Tim Douglas

    Quick! How do I get in touch with Cartoon Network!?!?

    Great Stuff!

  • Michel Van

    i like this mean cartoon
    let’s hope Rob Yulfo get no problem with Warner.
    about copyrights and so

  • Damon

    Funny video and very timely for me considering I just watched 127 Hours yesterday.

  • tredlow

    Since it was based on a true story, I felt guilty for laughing. I still laughed, though. The King’s Speech joke is awesome.

  • Now THAT´S what the new Looney Tunes show should be like (except for the bloody gag).

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Noticing the gag reminded me more of something I saw in a Happy Tree Friends episode years back.

  • Spoofing Hollywood movies feels like a natural subject for Looney Tunes. This kind of concepts would be a cool way to re-introduce the characters to the general audiences. Well done, Rob Yulfo, you’ve better ideas than Warner Bros.

    I know it’s just a quick gag, but I’d be more interested on seeing Porky in The King’s Speech, since versions of Roadrunner are pretty frequent while Porky doesn’t have enough screentime these days.

  • Naz

    The linework starts out not awful but degenerates to past awful. But it does work. The Road Runner cartoon structure as is solid as the rocks that fall on Wile E, unless you add Sylvester or otherwise try to update it.

  • Thanks so much for the posting and every ones Feed back!
    although It could never look as great as the Original WB Cartoons,I really tried to do them Justice.

    Thanks again,
    Rob Yulfo

    • I thought the writing and the comedic timing was dead on. Your staging and posing needs alotta work but it didn’t matter. I was still entertained! Great job man

  • Isaac

    Nice effort, but Looney Tunes cartoons will inevitably be compared to the original Looney Tunes, and they never compare favorably. Regardless, this cartoon was a little too unpolished for me.

  • Gene Vandervoort

    Chuck Jones is spinning in his grave!

    • E. Lisa

      I guesss he did so for the laughs…because I – as humble internet watchter- I found it brillant enough to make me and my colleagues having a good healthy laugh!

      The new Looney Tunes? no way! We are looking for funny cartoons with capital F, not kiddie stuff; Of course, If I write that this is at the same level of the work of Jones and co, I recognise I’ll make a huge mistake, because those were Works of Art; nowadays we can’t do the same work that he and his team did, because unfortunately they are no more here… but who knows that the creative mind of an humble animator can make them justice? :D I think he did, and Chuck would have appreciated it too!

  • Steffers

    This is better than anything I’ve seen from The Looney Tunes Show.

  • 2011 Adult

    Awwwwww. That was awesome. Now I wanna see Porky Pig win the Oscar!

  • Samantha Lis

    Awesome job Rob! Looks great! :)

  • Ha ha ha! That’s awful! HA ha ha!

    Seriously, the animation flags a bit, but as a vehicle for gags, this is just as good as it has to be. Horribly amusing!