“Withering Rose” by Che Lopez “Withering Rose” by Che Lopez

“Withering Rose” by Che Lopez

San Diego animator Che Lopez created this film using, if I’m reading his blog correctly, CG characters against live action miniature sets. Looks impressive.

  • truly s t u n n i n g ! great characters and atmosphere.

  • Interesting character designs. This was very well done!

  • John A

    I think the ‘live’ models are more impressive than all those synthetic environments shown in the earlier Spielberg article, and a cheaper alternative too, I’m sure. Nice character design and animation.

  • yay! it’s here!

    • Josef

      Great work, Che!

  • Great work! Very impressive stuff going on here man!

  • Bud

    Can’t say much about the animation or film, but the visual approach is very intriguing. Beautiful stuff.