“Withering Rose” by Che Lopez

San Diego animator Che Lopez created this film using, if I’m reading his blog correctly, CG characters against live action miniature sets. Looks impressive.

  • http://one1more2time3.wordpress.com hans bacher

    truly s t u n n i n g ! great characters and atmosphere.

  • http://elioliart.com Some Girl

    Interesting character designs. This was very well done!

  • John A

    I think the ‘live’ models are more impressive than all those synthetic environments shown in the earlier Spielberg article, and a cheaper alternative too, I’m sure. Nice character design and animation.

  • http://che-bebe.blogspot.com Che Lopez

    yay! it’s here!

    • Josef

      Great work, Che!

  • http://grade-a-fun.blogspot.com Grady

    Great work! Very impressive stuff going on here man!

  • Bud

    Can’t say much about the animation or film, but the visual approach is very intriguing. Beautiful stuff.