<em>Wright Meat</em> <em>Wright Meat</em>

Wright Meat

A Thanksgiving rebuttal from the pen of animator James Sugrue:

(Thanks, Felicia Spano)

  • I really like this! Cartoony, appealing, with funny acting / animation. Well done James!

  • Way to go James! the animation was great!!! Very good job! Keep it up buddy!

  • Marc Baker

    Wow! That was a great cartoon. I like how it satirizes Rev. Wright, and his infamous ‘GOD @#&!%$ AMERICA’ speech. Overall, the animation looked really nice with it’s Spumco like designs. Great ending, too.

  • I love this!!

  • Why people always gotta’ be hatin’ on the cranberries?
    Is that one turkey in the middle supposed to look like Obama?
    Very exaggerated and expressive. This guy should make more cartoons.

  • Bill Field

    Amazing! This is a wonderful short! Bravo, James!

  • Makinita

    that was great man keep at it ! :)

  • Gerard de Souza

    Funny stuff…everything even the voice acting! Where can I see more of Mr’.Sugrue’s stuff?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I remember James from back in the Usenet days, terrific to see where he’s been since then. Keep it up James!

  • Hey everyone! Amir, Marc, Corey, Bill, Makinita, Thank you all for your nice comments! Jeaux, I miss ya buddy! Chris! How have you been man?! Gerald, if you would like to see more of my stuff go here http://www.youtube.com/user/SagooBoy
    and jimgrue.blogspot.com. Yes Zach, that was Obama. =). Thank you all! Stay in touch!

  • Deliver us… the gravy! :-)

  • Isaac

    James Sugrue, your blog is fascinating.

  • Davidd

    James! Superjailer! Your humor is top-notch!