“Xemoland” by Daniel Cardenas “Xemoland” by Daniel Cardenas

“Xemoland” by Daniel Cardenas

Xemoland by Los Angeles-based director Daniel Cardenas was among the selections at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The short’s conventional cartoon style plays against the atypical autobiographical story of growing up in the early-Nineties which lends the film a unique tone.

  • D

    Not a bad short but nothing to write home about. It has a great sense of humour and the writing is pretty accurate in capturing a youthful 90’s vibe but the character designs were a bit too simple for my taste and the storyline way too linear. Just my opinion but not too bad it made me laugh a few times.

  • tedzey

    That was so delightful! Really captures the essence of growing up! Maybe it cause I could relate to the younger brother cause this was my generation, but otherwise has that classic sundance quirk I see in most features!

  • The realistic, teen-oriented “Adventure Time With Finn and Jake”.

    I smell Oscar!

  • Dr.Truth

    I liked it! Cute! “Like Mr.T punching a t-rex underwater”. Classic! 7.5/10

  • Kinda boring.

    • is there a ‘dislike’ button?

  • Hey I worked on this short as an animator! Had no idea it was accepted into Sundance, Sweet! :)

  • Ha, so did I. I didn’t realize it was accepted either. Thats really amazing!

  • Rey

    The simplicity of the designs and animation goes so well with such a realistic story.
    I also relate to it since I’m the 3rd of 4 siblings. The way the older kids mock the little one’s imagination is so accurate it reminds me of how my two big brothers picked on me cause I always wanted to visit Oz. Oh those wonderful and traumatic days.
    Wish you good luck at Sundance.

  • That poor kid! His life is just one long head game. I didn’t think that it was possible to have much nostalgia for the early ’90s before this. Touches I liked are the large model rocket on shelves in the kids’ room, the Sonic Youth poster on the art guy’s wall, and the “UFO piece” which suggests something like a motorcycle carburetor. It’s all very charming.

    So is there a zeitgeist forming for coming of age nostalgia with science fantasy elements? I’ve been toying with that in web-comic form for a while.

    • Yeah, what’s crazy is the 90s i guess was a while ago.

  • Really dug this. Had similar feelings at first as dudeface at the top of the discussion board, but then i was like, “nah, daniel whatever has it on lock”. Glad stuff like this makes it to sundance, inspiring. Great mortal kombat scene, won me over hard.

  • I was telling somebody about this cartoon in a dream that I had last night.

  • I really loved this, great feeling to the whole thing. I’ve rewatched it a few times now.
    Thank you!