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Your Feet’s Too Big by Nancy Beiman

Your Feet

What a great way to start the week! Your Feet’s Too Big (1983) is a beautifully drawn short by animator/author/teacher Nancy Beiman, set to a vintage Fats Waller performance. Beiman created this short a few years after she graduated from CalArts. She holds the notable distinction of being the first woman to graduate from the school’s Character Animation Program. Nancy also blogs here and her personal website is

UPDATE: Since the film was taken down off YouTube, we offer you an equally entertaining Fats Waller performance of the same song:

  • Wow! Now that IZZ a grrrrreat way to commence my (our) Week!! I even remember running a pencil test of this film when I ran the Thalia….remember that, Jerry?? What a great gal she is! I am glad to still be in touch with her …even decades later!!

  • Dear Jerry and Amid,
    Thank you for all the nice publicity, but I have had to ask YouTube to take this film down at once. I do not have the music rights for home video or new media exhibition (for the soundtrack. If you want to show it silent, go right ahead.) RCA Records might cause me a lot of trouble if it stayed up here.
    My new film has a track that I have purchased the rights to for all media. and I would be very happy to have you post it, but YOUR FEETS TOO BIG cannot be displayed online.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  • This film has been taken down from YouTube.

  • Daniel

    The Man strikes again! a pity.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well that sucks (wonder if Sony-BMG still has that song in their catelog)!

    I remember when this short used to air on Nickelodeon back when they used to ran these things as “filler” between programs in the 80’s and early 90’s. I only wish I had a copy of it personally since I enjoyed it so much for the animation, and didn’t realized til right now that Beiman worked on it. Still quite a shame it can’t be seen (couldn’t doing a new music track on it’s own using the song help if the publishing rights could be obtained?). It’s only a shame these “new media rights” scenarios are really junking up the process in ever seeing anything again. You’d only wish 20-40-60 years ago people would’ve had the thought of what the future might bring when it came to these music rights with the intentions of protecting it beyond the technologies of the day. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to iron out these deals thanks to the unawareness of the former contracts (think Y2K without an easy answer).

    There’s always the blind chance someone else who’s been a Nick-obsessive compulsive fan might stick it up without a clue as to who or what it is (most guys my age hardly remember any of these shorts besides a memory description of what goes on in it). Perhaps there’s a stupid chance I’ll find a 16mm copy off eBay one day (I think it was distributed in that format at one point for educational use, and there’s always some guy who’ll have a giant pile of school/library prints to sell off easy to make room in his cramped quarters). Often I end up lucky in reclaiming my childhood through that.

    Still, a shame I missed out on seeing it, as I actually got out of the house in a LONG while, and went to an anime store on the other end of town, and bought one DVD (thankfully I was thrifty today). Not sure when or if I’ll ever do that again. :-)

  • That’s a shame about the music rights complicating the showing of this great little short. I also saw it numerous times in the 80s and enjoyed it quite a bit. (I’m also a Fats Waller fan, so the film is special to me in that way too). I have the Cartoonist PRO-Files magazine where Nancy and her drawings from this film are featured, and her drawings were always an inspiration to me.

    Jerry and Amid, I wonder if the music rights could be negotiated with RCA for not too dear a price ? It seems to me that Your Feet’s Too Big would be a solid addition to the line up of films available for download on What do you think?

  • Chris Sobieniak


    The same guy who originally had the short up earlier today just went and stuck it back up again, but this time sans the music, so it’s not a total loss despite the obvious. The worst I could do at this point is perhaps look for the song and synch that for my personal use.

    Still this wouldn’t be too bad a problem if Nancy tried to do a “special edition” or re-issue of this film with a new soundtrack if it was possible to get the publishing rights and hire a jazz combo to do the music to match the visuals perfectly (then she could at least own the rights to the soundtrack herself, she’d just have to re-do the opening/end credits respectively).