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10K Comments on the Brew!

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We reached a milestone earlier in October that I think is worth mentioning: 10,000 reader comments on Cartoon Brew. We only launched comments in mid-February of this year, and we reached the 10,000 mark in under 8 months, which averages out to around 42 comments a day.

What has surprised both Jerry and I is not just the sheer number of comments but the consistently high quality of participation that we receive from industry professionals, cartoon buffs, and animation students alike. Sure, online discussion by nature lends itself to some silliness, but there’s also a lot of lively, passionate and informed discussion on the Brew. For this the credit has to go to our readership, which certainly must be one of the most knowledgeable animation communities on the Internet.

Comments moderation is not an easy task for us and takes up a significant amount of time. That includes fixing people’s links and formatting, emailing readers when a comment is inappropriate or off-topic, despamming comments that accidentally end up in the spam filter box (over 25,000 pieces of spam to date), and in general, keeping things in order. However, we believe that the effort has been more than worth it; we’ve learned a lot from the comments and feel it adds a valuable dimension to the Brew. So here’s to the next 10,000 comments and beyond.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the most commented upon posts were on the Brew. These posts by no means represent the finest comments, but they are revealing in that they highlight what has generated the most reaction amongst our readers. As it turns out, bad animation will do the trick every time.

119 comments: New George of the Jungle in Flash

118 comments: Worst. MoCap. Ever.

116 comments: How Many Licks Does It Take To Make It CG

109 comments: Brew Review: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film

108 comments: Here Comes Trouble

105 comments: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Incompetence

  • Congratulations! I never comment because by the time I read your posts all of the more articulate and erudite readers have already chimed in. This time I beat them! What would be the odds?

  • Now it’s 10,002…..

  • Congrats! Visit your site all the time. You guys do a great job.

  • I’ve been a hardcore CB reader for just over a year now, and I can’t imagine what I did without it!

  • Jayster

    I’ve been a reader for two years, and visit the site at least once a day. Usually it’s more than one, but at least once.

    It’s great to see what the internet has done for animation and animation information. So many old animators are getting exposure to us younger animation students and there is so much to learn and absorb. We can talk directly with animators and cartoonist like John K. and can learn from all over the internet.

    Cartoon brew is the best place for animation news that’s important. I guess some not so important (Preston Blair swipes, eh) but overall a very fun site for animators and animation fans alike.

  • Fred Sparrman

    No comment.

  • Shmorky

    I started reading Amid and Jerry’s stuff before Cartoon Brew was formed. I try to check this site every day. I am obsessed with cartoons. While I’d love to have the encyclopedic knowledge that they do, I just didn’t have access to these things when I was younger. Hunting down information was really hard before the internet, and before Youtube you had to KNOW somebody that knew somebody with a tape to see a certain cartoon. My passion for learning has not let up, and I learn something new at CB almost every day. If I already know the information I can chime in and post something new to the conversation!
    Another thing I like is the keen moderation. 10,000 isn’t that impressive until you consider how many posts they DIDN’T allow!

  • Jerry & Amid –

    Cartoon Brew is on the top of my site list. The material and opinions you offer are matchless. It’s always a balance of fun, information, and above all – respect for and understanding of the craft of animation and design. You two have really carved out a special and important niche for yourselves – and anyone else dedicated to animation ! A thousand thanks for what you’ve done !!

  • and i am mighty thrilled to be (many times over) PART of that 10,000! I am (very) happy for “the swap!” It certainly has saved poor Jerry from hearing from me 85 times a day, via E!!

    Congratts!! The 2nd 10,000 shan’t be far away!!

  • Andrew

    Bad animation stirs discussion like no other. People can comment on great animation, but what’s there to debate if it’s great?

  • Bill Field

    10Q 4 D 10K!(Thank you for the 10,000 comments)

  • Robert Schaad

    Tip of the hat right back at you guys! I love this site. Very well organized and informative!

  • Congratulations on the milestone. With the top posts getters all being pretty much negative threads, how long until we see “Get Off My Lawn”, “I Walked To School Uphill Both Ways”, and “Turn Down That Music” posts on the Brew? ;)

  • Zany

    This is my favourite site, thanks for continually bringing us animation news!

  • Hey Jerry and Amid, the only reason you guys get this many posts is cause you guys keep this website so interesting. This and AWN are by far the best sites for current animation news and gossip. But you guys do it with more class.

  • Chuck R.

    Maybe it’s a good thing that bad animation gets the most comments. If comments take time to moderate, it just gives the moderators more incentive to post the good stuff!

    I love the diversity of opinions. Keep up the good work!

    BTW Amid, are you going to tell the rest of us how you do those nifty italics and bold type?

  • Chuck: We encourage folks who know how to use basic html codes in their posts as it helps make things clearer. The most basic ones are:

    <I>put these around things you want italicized</I>

    <B>these to make bold</B>

    And this gives you links:

    <A HREF=";>link name</A>

  • Shmorky writes, “Another thing I like is the keen moderation. 10,000 isn’t that impressive until you consider how many posts they DIDN’T allow!”

    Every post that follows the clearly stated posting rules is approved for the site. The ones we don’t allow are those that break the guidelines. Some of the most commonly broken guidelines are:

    * Comments that are posted with a fake email address.

    * Comments that attack an individual instead of discuss a topic.

    * Comments that are off-topic.

    Having said that, the vast majority of posts on the site are approved, and those that aren’t, we try to email the reader and let them know why (which is why it’s important to include a real email address). It’s a system that has worked out quite well so far.

  • Chuck R.

    This may be the last chance in a while to discuss the “discussion”, so I’ll indulge a bit:

    1. Every so often a negative comment comes up and a reader expresses a wish for full disclosure (vs. anonymous posts) Has this been a point of serious discussion/consideration between you and Jerry? (Personally, I think the current system works fine.)

    2. Jerry’s site Cartoon Research had a Q&A feature which was nice. Have you considered adding a feature where readers could open the discussion of various projects, directors and artists who we haven’t heard from in a while? (I’m thinking Nocturne, Sylvain Chomet, and Henry Selick.)

    Thanks for all the hard work! This site should be required reading for anyone in a design-related field.

  • Would you look at that!
    My George submission to CB holds the current record….
    of inflammatory remarks.
    I win!

  • Keith Paynter

    I may not have the credentials of many who frequent the Brew (and the Forum), but I am still a fan of animation and animated cartoons, and collected much in the better part of the last 30 years (especially where vintage WB is concerned). Brew is my main stop because of the input of not only Jerry and Amid, but so many of you who post here and on the forum – your knowledge base is almost limitless. My thanks to all of you, and continued success, guys!

  • red pill junkie

    Well all I wanted to say is that I’m really greatful to Amid and Jerry for making this blog, and it’s a real privilege for this animation fan to feel as a part of this wonderful community.
    Long live Cartoon Brew!!

  • theodore

    Thanx, guys, for the useful site. I learn a lot. Every day.

  • Graham

    I check this site out daily (I’ve been since the Blast/Research days back in 2003), and I’m glad to hear that this site has reached quite the milestone. You guys have really outdone yourselves now. Congrats on over 10,000 comments!