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Announcing Cartoon Brew Biz

Yesterday at the Television Animation Conference in Ottawa, Cartoon Brew announced the launch of our new section called CB Biz. The new subsite located at can be accessed from our site’s top navigation bar.

As we’ve grown to become the single most heavily trafficked animation news site on-line, we wanted to fulfill one of the most common requests we receive which is to offer more coverage of industry animation news. The new CB Biz section will serve as a source for announcements and public relations messages direct from industry publicity sources. The press releases will appear unedited and free from editorial commentary. The CB Biz section doesn’t change our curated and personal approach to the Cartoon Brew home page, but it serves as an additional resource for those who desire a complete and up-to-the-minute picture of what is happening throughout the industry.

Studio publicists may submit their press releases directly to Cartoon Brew through a new e-mail address: PR [at] cartoonbrew [dot] com

  • Cool! Yet another reason to have Cartoon Brew as my homepage for animation :D

  • That sounds great!

  • Seeing that “biz” at the top reminds me of something I wanted to say that might be a bit off topic: I freakin LOVE your logo. Please never change it. It’s so perfect.

  • As someone not in the business, I welcome the separation of biz news from the regular animation entries.

  • Chris

    That’s great guys, thanks. Though it would be a lot more useful if you offered an RSS feed for this content as many of us read our news this way. Any chance of this happening?