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As someone who never chats online, and is frequently inaccessible via e-mail and Facebook, I thought I’d try out this new app called VYou, that allows me to interact publicly with Brew readers via video responses. Basically, you can ask me any question you like, and I’ll choose some of them to answer when I find the time. Feel free to ask me about the industry, animated films, my book projects or personal stuff. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep the VYou app accessible on my bio page for now. (IMPORTANT: Do NOT ask questions in the comments below. They will be ignored. Questions have to be submitted through the VYou app HERE.)

UPDATE: I’m overwhelmed by the number of questions you have for me. I’ve started answering some of them and will answer many more in the coming days. Submit questions and view answers on my bio page.

  • Steven M.


  • Pandora

    Spooky, he looks so real.

  • NC

    “Ask Amid Anything”? Like, “Why you so grumpy all the time?”

    • That was my first reaction too. I had to peek anyway, and I was surprised at how neat that feature is. No new password, or typing in encrypted words.

      I think we’re seeing a lighter side of Amid which is nice. I loved the “Sword in the Stone” response. (Amid, if you’ve seen a clip of the wizard’s duel, you can probably say that you have seen SITS)