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Cartoon Brew Moves To NYC

With the new year underway, it seems like a good time to announce that Cartooon Brew now has a bi-coastal presence. As many have surely heard by now, I moved to NYC a couple months ago. My estimable co-editor Jerry Beck continues to take care of business on the West Coast. Our coverage of the animation world will remain largely unchanged, as can be evidenced these past few months. The agenda for the Brew remains the same as always: write about topics that interest us, and that’s what both Jerry and I intend to keep on doing. As an added bonus, perhaps the posts on the Brew begin to reflect an even broader and more diverse tone as a result of my new surroundings.

Personally I’m quite pleased to be in and around the New York animation community. The NY animation scene has appealed to me from afar for a long time. One big reason for that is because artists do things in New York. They make short films, they teach, they cross over into other media, they dip and dabble in everything and don’t pigeonhole themselves as “animation artists.”

Hell, they even make animated features; three local indie animated features are nearing completion — directed by Bill Plympton, Nina Paley and Emily Hubley — and a fourth is starting production by Michael Sporn. I point this out not to suggest that a feature is the highest form of expression, but because a feature is one of the most time-consuming and ambitious things that one can endeavor to do in this art form. To embark on an independent feature with limited resources and budget takes guts, and it’s a testament to the drive and dedication of NY animators that so many have undertaken the challenge. Animation and beyond, I’m looking forward to spending some time in this amazing city and experiencing its rich and vibrant atmosphere…and eating lots of pizza by the slice.

  • anthony

    the difference between “name” voice actors in major studio features and those in independent features… looking at orchard pictures site for “the toe tactic” and finding john sayles, david cross, mary kay place, eli wallach and andrea martin doing voice work.

    and i’ve been looking forward to sita sings the blues for a long time… welcome to nyc, amid.

  • Joe Horne

    i’m not sure if saint mark’s pizza is still there but for the real deal… find manganaro’s…i belive it’s 9th ave around 43rd….
    have fun…

  • Chuck R.

    I completely understand that NY is a different scene than LA., and if you are going to comment on animation, it helps to live where the artists are. But moving from a big city on the west coast to a big city on the east coast to get a broader perspective strikes this midwestern artist as something out of the Blues Brothers:
    “We have both kinds: country and western!”

    Seriously, congrats on the move and best of luck doing what you do best —on either coast!

  • Hey Amid,
    I met you, very briefly, at Bill’s party a few weeks back. I didn’t know you moved out here. Congrats on that. Best of luck.

  • I heard the rumor but couldn’t believe it. Congrats! I love NY. Such a palpable energy within the art community. I look forward to seeing how your accent will change in your new East coast posts…

  • Welcome to NYC! From a purely selfish perspective, hope this leads to a host more exciting classic-style animated events ’round these parts…

  • awesome!

    good luck on your new york venture!

  • hey amid you’ll have to swing on done to manheim pa some time and hang out. i don’t think us going to nyc right now is good, what with the kid on the way. if you do you should do it when gabe swarr is in town… whenever that will be… heck i haven’t seen you since comicon 2001!

  • I am happy to hear this as it was kind of frustrating to hear about all this cool stuff going on on the West coast and not much in NY.

    And hooray for pizza!

  • Amid–Your move is the best news the NYC animation community has had since the 1600 Broadway days Max & Dave Fleischer!

  • didn’t realize you were in the city! welcome!

  • Congrats on the big move Amid – I’m sure you’ll be haunting Mark Newgarden’s famous parties. As far as what NY animators are doing – just so you know – that’s going on back here in LA as well, just not as well known or wide spread. There are indie features in the works, as well as collaborations, teachings, artists projects etc. We’re a couple of steps behind our colleagues over there in the Big Apple, but are making up for it.

  • robiscus

    I used to live there, but from my perspective and the dozen animation artists i just saw there over the holidays, the animation scene in NYC is about as dismal as it has ever been. you are talking about a city that used to have about 15 different small independent animation houses and now has roughly 2.

    dark days for NYC animation indeed. i think even Sporn and Plympton will agree on the drastic plunge in production.

    (i don’t want to speak on their behalf, but i’m also eager for them to chime in…)

  • Anyone in NY interested in animation and design should be excited to hear you’re among us ! Welcome, Amid !!

  • “they even make animated features; three local indie animated features are nearing completion — directed by Bill Plympton, Nina Paley and Emily Hubley — and a fourth is starting production by Michael Sporn… To embark on an independent feature with limited resources and budget takes guts, and it’s a testament to the drive and dedication of NY animators that so many have undertaken the challenge.”

    And not exactly NYC (is Philly close enough?) , Mark Mayerson reports on Paul and Sandra Fierlinger who are making a feature film “My Dog Tulip” .

    It’s good to see these independent features being made , no matter which coast (or city) is home to the artists involved .

  • Danielle

    Welcome to NYC!

    Adding on to Joe Horne’s comment, Manganero’s is closer to 40th than 43rd… can’t remember exactly where it is, but they do have good food. Also, Frank’s (on 23rd) is good for grabbing a quick slice before an ASIFA screening.

  • OH THANK YOU SWEET JESUS ! SOMETHING RELATED TO ANIMATION NEAR ME ! Oh Jerry, Amid, you both have no idea how happy you made me !

  • Steve K.

    I don’t know if that’s really fair to say that west coast animators don’t do anything. I know of two individual shorts being done right here at our studio (and they are almost done!). At least I can still wear shorts here. ;)

  • Good Luck in NY!!

  • Weclome to Ney York, Mr. Amidi.

    I hope to see the NY scene expand further in the future. Four features in the make is very pleasing.

  • Are you enjoying the fact that it’s currently minus 11 degrees centigrade?

  • Welcome, Amid! :)

  • yvette kaplan

    Hi Amid! Congrats to you! Though I am, as you know in LA now– I feel I can still “welcome” you to my home town, my always beloved city. All my best and warmest wishes — and please send my love to all my NY pals. Hopefully I’ll see ya next time I visit!!

    And oh yeah, about that PIZZA…. Danielle is right: Frank’s on 23rd is great. But even better is Joe’s on W. 4th and 6th Ave. And guess what? they just opened a second store in of all places…. Santa Monica! Ha! I am in heaven! Have the Sicilian. BUT– for Sicilian pizza you will never forget– go to Brooklyn–Bensonhurst to be exact– to L & B, Spumoni Gardens. I guarantee it’s worth the trip. Enjoy!!!!

  • Some people say animation production is ebbing in NYC right now, but a big part of why I love to be here is we have: EVERYTHING ELSE. I love NY.

  • Robert Schaad

    Hey there, Amid. Great news! Belated Welcome. It is true…very good pizza to be had (at select locales) in NY. Hope to run into you again at this, that or the other event. Measuring animation in NY strictly by the creativity in the air…no shortages whatsoever. Don’t know if you’re familiar w/ her work…try to catch the Kara Walker exhibit.

  • Katie Cropper

    New York is enjoying your presence Amid. I hope the brew gets a nice bit of indie apple flair.

    p.s. look I commented! also, today was that day that you needed the extra layer under your jeans.. I hope you coped well!

  • robiscus

    my 2 cents on NY pizza pie is Lombardi’s downtown on Spring Street.

    Ooooooh. its the best…

  • Amid, don’t settle for Pizza by the slice, go over to “Grimaldi’s Brick Oven Pizzeria” in Brooklyn Heights, right near the Brooklyn Bridge. Bring a lot of friends along, order a few different types of pies and wash it down with a few cold “Manhattan Special” Coffee Sodas.

    If you’re in the West Village go to “John’s Pizzeria”, the place has been there for decades and they make a great pie.

    Best of luck to you in NYC. Please keep publishing, I’d love to read more books like Cartoon Modern.

  • On the pizza tip, I heartily second Grimaldi’s. Best I’ve found in the city, bar none.

  • Congrats on the move Amid! I lived in NYC for over 13 years, it’s certainly a great city.

    Currently I’m enjoying LA more than my last few years in New York. Plus rent in NYC is retarded expensive. The only things I miss are the pizza and bagels, neither of which are worth eating in LA.

  • All the best in the Big Apple. Will you be coming over to France for Annecy this year ?

  • amid

    Thank you to all for the well wishes and even more thanks for all the pizza suggestions. It looks like I’ll be very busy trying pies over the next few weeks.

  • christy

    welcome to ny! i’ll have to third Grimaldi’s!!!!!!!!!! try it on a weekday lunch time to avoid the weekend line!

  • Kyle Mohr

    Welcome to New York! There’s a lot of great animation in New York that sometimes goes unnoticed. Don’t forget about the stuff goin on in advertising too, both CG and flash/motion graphics! Motionographer and Stash are great resources to see some really creative stuff, and a lot of it is done in the NY area.

    Also, if you find out about animation events in New York, please post about them! It’s not always easy to find out about those things!

  • Welcome to New York!

    (Try John’s of Bleecker Street)

  • Cliff Galbraith

    “Also, if you find out about animation events in New York, please post about them! It’s not always easy to find out about those things!”

    ASIFA East has several great events every month. Check our web site at

    And welcome to NYC, Amid! Hope you’ll come by the meetings.

  • julian chaney

    congrats and have a blast –many blessings amid.

  • Nancy B

    Have a good time in New York, Amid. Maybe you’d like to visit Toronto sometime (Sheridan?) in the fall? The weather is roughly the same and I think we’d love to have you up there.

  • Have fun Amid. NYC can’t be beat for fun and interesting adventure. Stay warm, don’t get knifed, don’t knife anyone if you can avoid it. But most important, enjoy.

  • Robert Schaad

    Amid…continuing the pizza discussion. Saw a TV news item today about Manhattan’s pizza vs. Brooklyn’s pizza. Just to reiterate…Grimaldi’s (19 Old Fulton St.) does not accept credit cards, or reservations…and does not sell pizza by the slice. In Manhattan, near Bleecker St. is Famous Joe’s (7 Carmine St.). Pretty sure Joe’s was the one I was gonna recommend.

    Also, for you and anyone else, at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY on Mon., Jan. 14th is a program of Mr. Magoo shorts. GCT to Pleasantville (Harlem Line of Metro-North), cross the street.

  • ovi


    all the best for you in the BIG apple man.