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Cartoon Brew Tech Problems

Cartoon Brew went down last night. We’re happily back up and running this morning but still a bit buggy. We hope to be back to normal before day’s end. If the site looks fine, no need to comment, but if you’re experiencing any tech issues with the site, let us know in the comments and we’ll look into them. Thanks!

  • Craig

    There is a huge (hidden) block of spam hyperlinks at the bottom of the page. :(

  • Reader

    There is a huge (hidden) block of spam hyperlinks at the bottom of the page. :(

    Wow, you ain’t kidding! Better get rid of that stat guys. Were you hacked?

  • amid

    Craig: Yes, we’re aware of that issue and will have a fix for it very soon. That wasn’t what caused the new outage but it is another thing that we’re dealing with right now.

  • When you type in [which is what I had bookmarked], it comes up to a default blank server page. I thought you guys were down all day until just now, I decided to try adding the www to the beginning and it came up fine. FYI! Thanks!

  • amid

    Stacey – Try emptying your cache and reloading the page. I was having the same issue and it just needed a fresh reload of the page.

  • FP

    Glad you’re fixing the invisible Spam links. The page takes FOREVER to stop loading. Hangs up the browser until it’s done. The links alone are over 417K.

  • W. Seclas

    The link showing the 15 “bonus” cartoons from Vol. 6 of LTGC is missing.

  • tom

    It took me 3 tries to load it at 1 PM Pacific Time. At least it did load the third try, thank god! I was wondering what I would do if the Brew were suddenly gone. I felt so cold and alone. Don’t ever scare me like that again.

    Oh, and when it wouldn’t load I was still getting the server screen.

  • auam

    …Might just be a obscure bug that only occurs once, but this page’s Curtis post had the Text and the comic strip it was refrenced to overlapping!

  • Even with my cache disabled, I still get an unconfigured page error message if i click my bookmark.

  • Rhett Wickham

    12:20 a.m. Eastern and still having the long load time (on both high speed wireless and cable connection). This problem had been going on for about seven days for me, thought it was because I was on the road, but still had it coming back two days ago, and now, that you’re back up, it’s happening again, just as bad.
    Takes about ninety seconds to load sometimes, never less than a minute – Browser locked until it finishes, and the Spam links are still there from what I can see.
    Cleared cache and still having problem.

  • Cartoon Brew isn’t showing up in a google search, plus the CB search feature no longer works.

  • FP

    How did that link list get there? Can’t you just change the CSS and get rid of it? There are 3510 links, which makes for super-slow page-rendering. The links all start with one of these URLS:

  • I’ve been getting the server error message the last couple of days. On the discussion board somebody suggested reloading the page. That worked for me. I’m running Safari on a Mac.

  • Sat Afternoon 3:35 EST:

    I still can’t get Brew on my AOL browser, only on Firefox & Microsoft Explorer.

  • Tom Horne

    Missed You

  • Those invisible spam links are still here on every post, so I guess they are a part of the blog template now. Have you tried to change the template, or use the backup of this same template from some date before the site was hacked?
    The problem with Google search is also caused by this, because Google engine is automatically penalizing or excluding the websites with huge amount of spam links, even if they’re invisible. This looks like an intentional sabotage :(

  • FP

    Old versions of WordPress are subject to the spam link vulnerability. The database needs to be backed up, then wiped, then WordPress updated, then the database restored. When Google and Technorati discover a WordPress site has been so hacked, that site is no longer indexed until it’s been updated.

  • FP

    Spam links are gone! Now CARTOON BREW snaps right in, no waiting.