Cartoon Brew TV: Top 5 Episodes Cartoon Brew TV: Top 5 Episodes
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Cartoon Brew TV: Top 5 Episodes

Cartoon Brew TV returns later this week with the exclusive online premiere of an animated short. We’re going to be presenting new films and other goodies throughout the year on Brew TV, but unlike the first season, we won’t be doing it on a weekly basis. Instead, we’ll serve up new episodes only when we have something really cool to show.

In anticipation of the new Brew TV episodes, we thought it’d be fun to revisit the top five most-viewed episodes from our inaugural season. Click on the title of any film to watch:

5. Like Me, Only Better by Martin PicklesLike Me, Only Better

4. The Story of One-Eyed Ophelia Jackson by Kat MorrisOphelia Jackson

3. The Pumpkin of Nyefar by Tod Polson and Mark OftedalPumpkin of Nyefar

2. BREW VAULTS: Superman’s Secret Cartoon History

And by a long-shot, the #1 most viewed episode from our first season was:
Doxology by Michael LanganDoxology

  • All very interesting films.

    Different storytelling and visual techniques is what animation is all about. I cringe when I hear people saying all they want to see is warner bros. or disney-esque material. Animation is about imagination and exploration, not just selling merchandise.

    Thanks CBTV!

  • amid

    Thanks, Aerial Flyer! If the first season of Brew TV is any indication, a lot of people are like you and are interested in exploring the diversity, richness and depth of this medium. As long as there’s an audience for these films, we’ll continue finding them and making them available on Brew TV.