Cartoon Brew TV’s New Animated Intro Cartoon Brew TV’s New Animated Intro
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Cartoon Brew TV’s New Animated Intro

Our first attempt at creating a striking yet subtle animated logo for this year’s Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival didn’t turn out exactly as we’d hoped. We hope the vfx house refunds our $7,000.

  • haha, this rules.
    please use it!

  • Christopher Smigliano

    You got ripped!

  • You definately need something cartoonier than this!

  • For $7000 I could make a fully animated squashed and streched logo animation for you guys!

    Too bad you don’t have that $7000 anymore!

  • Mmmm… Well, it is *ahem* a “first attempt”.

    Let the ripping begin…

  • Mike

    If you want something really cool. I’ll do something 1000 times better for 1500$ and i’m not kidding.

  • Tim


  • Declan

    Dear oh dear. I hope you did not genuinely pay real money for that?

  • How about having a contest for your Brew readers to make the Cartoon Brew TV intro? It’d be way cheaper, and with all of the talented people that visit the site every day I am sure you’ll get some kick ass results.

    • snip2354

      I will be for this.

    • Mike Luzzi

      Yeah, that wouldn’t be hypocritical after ripping other outfits for having “contests” to get free work

  • Justin M

    I could have done a better job and I just picked up AE this year.

  • april fools?

  • Please tell me you’re kidding.

  • I love how one can see through the gap in the box edges!

  • I would have only charged you $6000 for that. (although I don’t know how the animator got such realistic lightning effects…)

  • This would be STUNNING in 3D.

    • amid

      Yes, but then we’d have to charge you an extra $3 to see it.

  • The Gee

    Maybe it isn’t too late to add stylish caricatures to the background of both Jerry and Amid popping up a la Rocky and Bullwinkle…

  • Steve A.

    Was this made in China?

  • sam

    what was that???

  • 1) Please tell me you’re joking.
    2) Directing/project management is hard.

  • Matt

    take out the crappy lighting and actually spend some time to animate the tv cube and it won’t be horrible for a start, but hey you gotta start somewhere.

  • john l.

    did you get david o reiley to do it?

  • Al

    All kidding aside (if this is real,) I applaud you for taking your money and hiring a studio to make your intro, rather than hosting a contest “to save money.” If you do get a refund of some kind and want to try again, I suggest asking Brew readers to submit their reels for consideration. There are already many offers I see… or was that the plan all along? ;)

  • this is the best thing ive seen in the last 10 seconds !

  • Metallicfire

    1992 called…

  • Michel Van

    You really pay $7000 for that ?!
    if the guys who made this mess, to agree rework this crap
    take the lighting out and let TV cube not jump around
    just give fix position next to CB logo and
    let rotate it slow around vertical axis
    that looks much better
    and not use Beethoven as background music…

  • Eltee

    I agree with big Al… Do a “call for entries” and see what CB readers can offer up.

    As for this “animation”… I think it would be a great spot… for the entry level student division.

    No offense intended really but I think that there are a great many animators and geeks that would jump at the opportunity to show how to present the CB TV Brand in a truly engaging way.

    • Charles

      sounds like something aniboom would do.

  • Osgood

    I agree that it is commendable that you didn’t sponsor a contest for a free animated logo. The only thing worse would have been to set up a fake animation school and get paying students to do commercial work as class assignments. Jerry can always throw this underwhelming logo into his Cartoon Dump! mix, where it would make a better fit.

  • It probably looked better before it got dropped and broke

  • burkiss

    Well, I like this. Not the logo – that sucks, but the fact that the Cartoon Brew Brewmasters have finally found themselves at the sharp edge of the animation industry. You know, not everything turns out EXACTLY the way you hoped in animation – in fact very little does, but you move on and hope that things can bet better.

    The Brewmasters either a) picked the wrong vendor, b) did not give adequate direction or c) failed to supervise or manage in a meaningful way. Or all of the above. Now whenever I read another of Amid’s toxic criticisms of, say, Mars Needs Moms, I will remember his own ten second disaster and laugh.

    • snip2354

      Amid himself did not necessarily spearhead this animation. “The Brewmasters” did, whether that be Jerry, both, or other CB people working on this site.

  • Saturnome

    This is amazing! Few logos are funny, so I say it’s a 7 000$ well spent!

  • amid

    Congratulations to all of you who figured out that this was a joke, a little bit of late-night steam-letting.

  • Needs more lightning, obviously. Maybe the bubbles can be in front of the logo?

    I think if you made the song a MIDI instead, you could totally fix this and use it. Maybe give the cube a face? Not any face though, a really funny face.

  • snip2354

    So you’re sharing this online when you’re NOT satisfied with how it came out?

  • Ooh, lightning alone these days costs around $5,000.00. I hear coloured balls are going for $200.00 a pop too. Inflation and all.

  • In da Retro style!

  • Ward Kimball, John Hubley, Nedeljko Dragic, Paul Dreissen, and Norman McClaren are all thrilled by this astonishing, imaginative, hilarious gem!

  • I can’t believe anyone thinks this is real. We are all animation people, can’t you decipher a joke?!?

    • oh, you’d be surprised

    • snip2354

      These days? Any kind of quality can seep its way to being approved in any form!

      So no. For your information I DID fall for this joke, because what other evidence existed for me to get it otherwise?!

  • All that needs is a Nasonex bee flying through…

    I think a grassroots “I can do better” logo contest is on the cusp of happening.

  • Mike Luzzi

    I think it is great! It totally doesn’t fight the inherent style of computer animation. It isn’t pretending to be what it’s not.


  • I have to say, this is rather below par for Cartoon Brew. I hope you do get refunded at the very least, so you can perhaps have a better opening intro created. One suggestion, have the Brewmasters themselves create an intro together. THAT would be interesting to see.

  • the foreign office

    Awesome, so deep!

  • The Gee

    Like Amid and others pointed out, this is a joke. No one was paid to make that.

    Someone was just playing around with a program and
    ….whoop. here it is.

    Funny enough, the fact that the post was so subdued and didn’t resort to a screed of some sort was a giveaway.
    (no offense.)

  • Joel O’Brien

    Ah…where’s the rest of it?

  • Man, you should contact Andrés “Makinita” Silva… he should made a much better logo :-p

  • Spencer

    Hey I programmed that template!

  • Professor Widebottom

    The After Effects harlot takes a walk.

  • Fraser Ntukula

    This is the best logo animation I’ve ever seen… it’s beautiful!