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David Scheve

David Scheve’s lawyers at The Deep Archives sent us a DMCA takedown notice today demanding our webhost Webintellects remove the photo of him. The letter from his lawyers has been reprinted on the original post. (If you can help us out legally with the DMCA counter-notice, please contact us). In the comments of that post, director and story artist John Sanford recommended that we hold a caricature contest. Now, with the prospect of having to replace the picture of him with something else, we actually have a valid reason to do this.

So here’s the deal. Everybody is invited to draw their interpretation of David Scheve. Links to the images can be emailed to me here. Deadline is the end of Monday, February 15. I’ll choose an image that I like and send the winner a signed copy of one of my books (your choice): Cartoon Modern, The Art of Pixar Short Films or A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter de Seve.

UPDATE: I’ve looked through all the entries and chosen David de Rooij from The Netherlands as the winner of the David Scheve Caricature Contest. There were a bunch more terrific entries and I’d love to share them, but I’ve decided to be nice and give David Scheve another chance to prove himself as a decent guy.

Following his falsely filed DMCA notice of copyright infringement, Cartoon Brew filed a counter-notification. For now, the photo of him can remain on this site. Should he choose to pursue further frivolous legal action forcing us to remove the photo, then I will have no choice but to replace his photo with David de Rooij’s drawing and share all of the other entries.

However, I’m hoping that he’s had a chance to study up on fair use laws and recognize that Cartoon Brew is fully within its legal rights to use his photo. Fair use “allows for limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship.” The ball is in his court now. If he’s willing to be an adult about the situation, so am I.

  • I understand that he did you wrong and that the Deep Archives should be avoided, but isn’t this a little childish?
    Can’t we just move forward from this mess and prove ourselves to be the better people by not being cruel? This is a professional blog and I come here for inspiration, enjoyment and to have and occasionally to debate. If the warnings weren’t depressing enough, now we’re attacking the guy because of a transaction gone wrong. Even if the guy is a jerk, I don’t think we have the moral right to do this. I’m sorry.

  • Dave W.

    Grow up Amid!

    I’m about one stupid post away from updating my bookmark to just see Jerry’s posts: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/author/jerry

  • ShouldBeWorking

    Many of us have nothing personally against him. It’s one’s word against another and artists should stay out of your battle.

  • the foreign office

    To grow up with what Dave? So we shut up, when there is fraudulent business practices and someone mischeave us, and doesn’t do the business correctly? How many people who don’t have the power of being visible were “put on the slide” from this guy? And now – lawyers, because of being exposed. I wouldn’t do a drawing. He doesn’t deserve it. Just put an asshole instead, it will be enough.

  • Chris S.

    I don’t see any problem with Amid following up on previous posts especially when a lawyer wants it changed. I stand up for the rights of the blogger and that David should claim responsibility and be a little more apologetic, rather than looking for ways to censor his reputation. A caricature is an appropriate way to keep a face on a skeevy dealer who calls in a lawyer to protect him after doing something wrong. I think it is a clever way to meet their demands but maintain the message.

    I think that this new post is relevant because if people can who are posted on the Brew in a negative light can just walk in with a lawyer making threats, we should all be very concerned and defend. It’s the readers choice what to read and what not to read, but nothing should be censored and that is what David is trying to do. Boo on him, he deserves a caricature.

  • timmyelliot

    This feels like a playground fight, complete with childish jabs and gawking observers (such as me).

  • skyman

    I personally love the value of word of mouth, so I’m a strong supporter of amid’s expose’ of the crooked and shady. (that thing about cuppa coffee for example) It sucks when people think they can rip you off because they’re isn’t anything you can do. The truth is, in this day and age if people want to act unscrupulously it’s real easy to spread the word. It’s the original deterrent to shady business dealings.

  • Cody Covell

    Only thing I’m going to say about this is that he looks like Seth Green… with hair.

  • The Flea

    OH! FOR SURE! David DID do Amid wrong. I’m certain of that. And yes, the comments David and his co-horts HAVE made were totally immature and unacceptable. I just really wish we could move on. In fact, the very last post (Overcoming Creative Block)Amid made is a prime example of what we SHOULD be doing. Let’s all focus on that!

  • amid

    The Flea: We had moved on until he demanded that we alter the original post. If we have to possibly alter the image, let’s make the best of the situation and allow readers to determine what that image will be.

  • Sprat

    I agree with Flea. So this guy is a douche and he was exposed. Amid didn’t lose money. Life goes on. We don’t visit the Cartoon Brew for this.

  • I for one really enjoyed the food fight!

  • Fattylees

    This is boring, Amid.
    If you have a problem take it to small claims court like normal people. You come off sounding like brat and why would you want to tempt fate by airing your dirty laundry and posting a picture of David Scheve, assuming it falls under “fair use” for “commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship”, when in fact, some might see it as you being liable for defamation towards his business. Then, on top of that, hold a caricature contest mocking him and his business.

    I’m not taking sides,but it’s like your poking at a hornet’s nest with a stick. There is a better way to handle this and you’re not doing it.

  • You pansies. Shut up and draw this dickhead!!!

  • Not to be a pest, but I still haven’t gotten that DVD from a Cartoon Brew contest two years ago. I know there might have been confusion about the address to send it to. Any update on that, boss?

  • Kate

    I’m game!

  • Hehe hehe hehe…rubbing my hands…This is gonna be sooo much fun!

  • Brian

    Dave: Wow, you can do that? Thanks, man. Amid, I LOVE your book Cartoon Modern and thanks for writing it, but your blog posts always make my world a bit sadder and more cynical. I think I’ll be taking Dave’s advice.

  • it’s pat

    I’m sure if you tell people how you got cheated by a crook, and he hires a scawwy lawyer to threaten you about it, all of you will be “mature” and “grown up” and just roll over and kiss his butt. “yes sir right away sir!” You must be some really boring cartoonists.

  • Sprat

    Uh, Pat, chill out.

    Amid didn’t get cheated by anyone. He got a delayed $270 refund. OMG!! And now we know not to do business with that “gallery.” Great, point taken.

    We don’t care anymore. At this stage, the more Amid stoops to drag his blog through the mud over a delayed $270 refund, the more he’s just going to damage his own reputation.

    “Choose your battles wisely.”

  • Much as I love a good internet flame war, I’ve got to agree with the majority on this one. Time to move on, Amid. You’ve made your point.

  • I can’t believe how many finger-wagging schoolmarm types there are around here. This is a site that’s devoted to cartoons and caricature, right? It’s not the American Bar Association!

    Get out your pens and pencils, boys and girls— it’s time for a Weenie Roast.

    And we know who the Weenie is, don’t we?

    I’m already working on my own entry, and I can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Mr. Seadevil

    Oh David Scheve, you should have known better than to mess with people who demand deep, insightful commentary from doodles of cats getting hit with mallets. These folks have all the time in the world. And now they plan on using it on internet revenge comics.

    Welcome to the world wide web, buddy.

  • wait, amid wasn’t cheated? oh, that’s right, david and co. were just honest businessmen selling photostats masquerading as guache paintings, tangled up in an honest misunderstanding. And not paying Amid back? well, that’s just ‘delaying refund’, a regrettable and common problem. no mention of the fact that amid had to fight tooth and nail for that refund?
    if only we could get parental neglect or medical malpractice re-labelled as simply ‘delayed care’. what a collective bunch of letdowns and wimps most you are. amid is just trying to keep the information out there of the guy who scammed him, and have a little fun doing it (you guys are cartoonists after all), but all he gets are lectures on ‘growing up and moving on’. If he were simply slinging mud for the sake of power and glory, I may agree, but whatever grudge amid may bear is justifiable.
    disappointed with amid’s threads you say? well my disappointment with the animation community is far greater. everyone gets all hot and bothered, writing long, ranting defenses or attacks when we’re crapping on, say, a poster that is too ‘high art’, or when someone DARES attempt a sub-textual analysis of Pixar films, but when one of the blog’s esteemed contributors needs some support, we get almost nothing of worth.
    with friends like these, huh?

  • Sean

    just be careful not to slip into defamation of character. Everyone has had fun laughing at the…hmm…”interesting” state of Mr Scheve’s eyes, but if a picture is posted of him “partaking” in anything and then that is used to imply why people should not do business with him, you will just have to take that picture down as well.

  • Sean, the idea of “defaming the character” of someone who (apparently) practices fraud on a regular basis is ridiculous on the face of it.

    What character?

    Note that I said “apparently,” since I don’t want to get in any legal trouble myself.

    Let’s assume that Amid’s claims about the bogus product he got from this company are correct. Amid has a practiced eye for looking at this sort of material— but many other people don’t, and they’re just happy to find an “authentic” cel of one of their favorite cartoon characters that they can frame and hang on their living room wall to admire and show to their family and friends.

    I’m a trained graphic designer, and I still might have fallen for this blatant fraud myself.

    So, how many times did it happen before? How many other buyers from this gallery paid for… let’s not mince words… phony, worthless crap? And never knew it?

    I can’t understand why so many people are piling on Amid here, since he’s performing a valuable public service in exposing a BILKER!

    I’d love to hear from anyone who actually enjoys being defrauded.

  • Sprat

    Sorry Kazzer, we’re not “wimps,” we’re just people with real-life problems who are no longer interested in Amid’s near-brush with almost possibly losing $270, but not losing it after all.

    Anyone who’s ever used E-Bay or online retailers for a long period of time will eventually be defrauded at some point, myself included. It sucks, but you report it and you move on. You don’t cry and draw silly pictures of the criminals.

    No one’s “piling on Amid.” But the more shrill and stupid he allows this to get, the more it will reflect badly on him instead of the alleged crook. I think he’s better than this.

  • Eric Paulsen

    Too bad about him… I like him as Morgan in ‘Chuck’.

  • Wayne L.



    It’s embarrassing what a child you are.

  • Hell no, you laugh and draw silly pictures of the criminals! Laugh them right off the stage.

    Sprat, if you like to get robbed and “just move on,” I’d like to personally invite you to come to San Francisco. There’s this bridge, see? I’ll sell it to you myself, with an Official Guarantee Of Authenticity.

  • I just stumbled upon all this drama, but I just finished reading the original post detailing everything.

    It says you paid via PayPal. Dude, why bother calling the guy asking for your money back? What a waste of time. Let PayPal and your credit card company handle it. File a claim and it will be resolved in, like, 30 days. They refund your money and put their own investigators on the case, which is far more intimidating.

  • it’s pat

    “File a claim and it will be resolved in, like, 30 days. ” Not really.
    They have this funny way of denying claims about phony goods and saying “we do not guarantee quality of merchandise”.

  • Sprat

    Pilsner, the trouble with your argument, if that is one, is that nobody got robbed here. Even if Amid had lost money this would still be hysterical overkill that doesn’t belong on a “news” site.

  • Jay Taylor

    Dave W: Thanks for the link!

  • elia

    I don’t think this whole thing is about a transaction gone wrong. This sleezy scam artist had put the same item back on sale with the same fraudulent description after it was returned to him. The guy is trying to pass the matter off as an honest mistake but that fact shows that his business is fraud. I regret that this has become a bit of a circus, but it would be incorrect to say it is just about a personal transaction that went bad. Even if the refund went smoothly, Amid may have warned us of the guy’s fraudulent practices so that we’re not conned.

  • purin

    What’s wrong with a little artistic revenge?

  • Captain Eight

    Scotty A: Amid won’t give you the prize until you kick off the Amid Amidi Caricature Contest. Better get crackin’.

  • Dock Miles

    Now I think the big villain here is the dysfunctional culture of the Internet — a place where nothing, absolutely nothing, is too tiny to be made into a BFD.

  • Lucy

    I… Well, best of luck to those who draw. I’m probably not going to. I feel Amid’s pain, but, yeah, I think I’m with a lot of people in saying that I’ve got my own set of d-bags to deal with, and they’re the ones I pay the bills to. I understand you being mad about it, I’ve gone through similar troubles before, but just be glad this guy isn’t someone you pay a utility bill to, or the guy who you pay your mortgage to -_-.

  • mick

    is the irony displayed by the ‘move on’ brigade lost on them?
    urging us to move on… in multiple posts… while not actually
    ‘moving on’

    Isn’t the whole point of cartoons to make light and lampoon?
    The lad is a baddie… he baddied up Amid selling something that
    he said was something else. Don’t get me wrong, I think you are
    all nerds with your ‘original’ cells and signed this and that.
    I would like one of them books though, it would make a nice
    christmas present for my nephew.

    There’s only me any good on this forum

  • Folks, here is what pissed me off about this guy:
    He misrepresented a piece of art.
    He was NASTY and combative when confronted about it.
    He was slow to make reparations.
    And THEN..he put the piece of art back up on his site in an attempt to bilk someone else.
    Then, instead of apologizing and trying to make it right, he tried to blame the whole thing on Amid.
    IF he would have just apologized and NOT gotten so nasty, I’m sure Amid would have dropped the whole thing. This is the problem with people these days. No one wants to own up to their mistakes or to apologize when they’ve done something wrong. Who knows how many other people this guy has ripped off. I love the fact that he finally did it to someone who could do something about it in a way that would actually HURT. It’s like the school bully who picks on a new kid only to discover that his new victim is a 3rd degree black belt in Karate. He deserves all of this attention, and more.
    He just so happens to look EXACTLY the way an internet scam artist should. He is ripe for caricaturing.

  • Tom

    I say take the boots to him. Little prick’s got it coming. Anyone who would hide behind his lawyer after being outed as a scam artist is ripe for ridicule, and anyone who disagrees is a poo head.

  • Andy

    Amid, this pretty much guarantees you’re going to get your ass kicked if you ever run into David in real life. Good luck with that!

  • Eh. One short punch to that insipid nose and he’s done for.

  • ben c

    “There is a better way to handle this and you’re not doing it.”

    well put.

  • Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little artistic revenge.
    But you’re kicking a man when he’s down.

  • it’s pat

    There is no better way to handle this. This is far nicer than the scammer deserves actually.

  • I agree that he’s probably a dork and all, but this just sounds like you’re giving him a lot of free advertising to me. I’m sure he’s getting a lot more traffic because of it!

  • RAWLS, I see your point. But wasn’t it Louis B. Mayer, or maybe Harry Cohn, who said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, there’s only publicity?”

    (!?… I’ll ask any of you film experts here to confirm the source of that remark).

    I’m not so sure… if this guy is getting a lot more site traffic, that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. There are a number of websites (Yelp.com, for example) that invite the customers of lousy businesses to submit their negative reviews.

    The real fun will arrive on Monday, when Amid posts all the caricatures of “Professor Larson E. Whipsnade:”

    “Off to the Grampian Hills, children!”

  • mrscriblam

    buncha textwall writing layabouts the lot of you

    shut up and draw this man with a big nose

  • JM

    First prize: One of your books. Second prize: Two of your books.

  • OM

    …Everyone here who’s ragging on Amid – that is, the ones who aren’t hoze accounts of the douche in question and his equally scummy catamites/friends – are the ones who need to grow up. Amid did the right thing exposing this scumbag, and it’s something every responsible blogger needs to do when they encounter scammers like this. Don’t like it? Then don’t whine when it’s *you* that gets burned by someone like Scheve, because if you’re retarded enough to bitch about people trying to perform a good turn for animation buffs everywhere, then you’re probably stupid enough to buy a napkin drawing he claims is a Sparky Shultz original.