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Introducing Cartoon Brew TV

Cartoon Brew TV Logo

We’re excited to bring you something new today – Cartoon Brew TV. The new site is available by clicking on the CBTV logo above our main site logo. We’ve been experimenting with broadcasting animated shorts since last year when we launched our film download site Cartoon Brew Films, and we’re really happy with the latest evolution that has come in the form of Cartoon Brew TV.

So what is Cartoon Brew TV?

Here are a few key elements of the project:

1.) New episodes premiere every week on Monday.

2.) Every short we present is an exclusive online premiere. We’re not looking to bring you the same films that are already available on every other video sharing website and podcast.

3.) We pay filmmakers. Online animation distribution can’t work unless filmmakers get paid for their efforts. This is something that we regularly preach on the site and we’re delighted that we can now put those words into practice and lead the way as an animation-specific film site and podcast that pays independent filmmakers.

4.) A broad view of animation art. Just as we love exploring all aspects of the art form on Cartoon Brew, we’ll be presenting an eclectic variety of programming on Cartoon Brew TV: hand-drawn cel, mixed-media, CG, experimental, stop-motion, pixilation…the element that connects all these varied approaches is the quality.

5.) Every third week, Brew TV will present a “historical” episode with original commentary by Brew co-founder and animation authority Jerry Beck. We’ll explore everything from the earliest theatrical animated shorts to TV specials and obscure bits of cartoon history.

6.) We’re just getting started. With your support, we have plans to grow this in every direction. More shorts, more guest commentaries, different types of content. Supporting this site is as simple as emailing a friend about it, embedding an episode, writing about a film on your blog, or simply watching the cartoons yourself. (Tech note: Ability to subscribe via iTunes will arrive shortly.)

7.) Here’s the link to our first episode:
Michael Langan’s award-winning short Doxology.

We hope you, the wonderful community of Cartoon Brew readers, enjoy watching these films and take the leap with us as viewers of Cartoon Brew TV.

  • OM

    …Normally I don’t get into these online video blogs, but for Jerry and Amid I’ll damn sure make an exception!

  • yoob

    Very cool ! How are you paying the filmmakers?

  • oxyacetylene

    how can i submit my work?

  • well yoob, I assume they are paying them with money
    hyuck hyuck hyuck
    I’ll get my coat

  • William Massie

    Will you only accept professional work?

  • schnarf

    great move! always glad to hear of a way filmmakers can make some dough. thanks for the support. will you publicize a way of making submissions? it would be great if you changed the brew’s flash player to have full-screen capabilities!

  • amid

    yoob: We give them checks. I’m not trying to be glib but I don’t really understand the question.

    oxyacetylene and schnarf: We will put out a call for submissions soon. We are well stocked for the near future.

    William Massie : We will accept all works of a high caliber and quality craftsmanship. The distinction of who produced it—professional, student, independent—is not of importance to us.

  • slowtiger

    Congratulations. A good choice for the first entry, too. I especially appreciate the visual quality of the video, beats youtube and the like easily.

    May I suggest you set up one special page with all your rules about BrewTV, and add a link/input field for everyone to make suggestions for new films? I would like to see stuff which wasn’t already featured elsewhere, of course, but that would be impossible.

  • mim

    WOW! so It runs at last!~
    congrats! ;)
    Btw I agree about “fullscreen” support in the player! good stuff!

  • I think Yoob’s question was more along the lines of “how much” are you paying? That is, do the submitters get a flat rate? Or a percentage of the ad revenue?
    There’s a new site, GTTV.com, that runs short films for a pay per minute rate, for filmmakers that don’t want to give their stuff away for free on YouTube. Viewers watch films for 10¢/ minute and the filmmakers get half of that.

  • DeK

    > Ability to subscribe via iTunes will arrive shortly.

    iTunes only?

  • yoob

    I mean, where is the money coming from, advertising? Donations? Subscriptions?

    How much are the artists getting per film?

    These are the pressing issues!

  • Mike Milo

    Good luck Jerry and Amid! This is an awesome opportunity for our community!
    As for this first film… I like the stop motion techniques and it’s very well done although it’s a bit abstract for my simple brain.
    That said, good luck with the film Michael!

  • This sounds like a great, evolutionary approach to the development of the website. It is already apparent that I can look forward to some really interesting films and by the sounds of things, everyone else is in agreement. Best of luck guys.

  • schnarf

    I agree with above statements. Since paying filmmakers is regularly preached about on the site, I think transparency in how the payments work would be very beneficial to the users of this excellent site.

  • Yay! This is fantastic. Thanks for making this happen!! :)

  • Gru


    And my sad day finally have a bright ending!

    This is great!

  • diana

    I assume this is a repalcement for the old Cartoon Brew download service, which i quite enjoyed.
    Two questions, then.
    1. is the old Brew dead?
    2. Will you sell downloads of the CBTV stuff?
    Plesae forgive if this is covered in the article and I missed it. I’m giving final exams this week in 3 of the 4 classes I’m teaching, and my ability to abosrb information is limited at this point (right now I’m nto a particualry good typost either)!

  • Altred Ego

    For a website that has publicly vilified studios like CuppaCoffee for their business practices, I find it highly suspect that the terms of payment and creative ownership are not outlined clearly and without secrecy.

  • Nic Kramer

    Oboy! I’m a big fan of Jerry’s commantaries. I can’t wait.

  • Dave

    What happened to the shorts that were on the old Cartoon Brew Films download site ?

    Boys Night Out . It’s the Cat , etc.

  • marvelous

  • You guys are so awesome! Thanks for doing this for film makers such as myself……

  • Whatever happened to Cartoon Brew Films?

  • amid

    Thanks to everybody for the kind words and feedback about the site! We’re thrilled that viewers have as much enthusiasm for the idea as we do.

    Diana: CartoonBrewTV is the latest evolution of the Brew Films idea. Also, films on Cartoon Brew TV are available for free download. You can do that through our film player. The reason they are free for viewing and download is because they will eventually be ad-supported.

    Dave: Those shorts are no longer available.

    Altered Ego: Businesses have no obligation to share contracts with the public. That’s why you don’t see contracts for AtomFilms or the iTunes Store or the Animation Show or anywhere else for that matter floating around the Internet. Our obligation is to ensure that the terms in our contract are clearly outlined and transparent to the individual filmmakers that we deal with and they are. (PS – The reason that contest sites put out their terms are because they expect hundreds of unsolicited entries and can’t deal with anybody on a personal basis.)

  • JG


  • I’m very excited about this! YAYAYAYYAYA!

    Now, I just need to find the time to watch.