March in Review: Glen Keane Left Disney and Some Other Stuff Happened

This past month we not only commemorated Cartoon Brew’s eighth anniversary, we also achieved the highest month of traffic in our site’s history. The twenty posts below were the individual posts that you viewed most frequently during March. Three of the posts, including the top one, were related to Glen Keane’s departure from Disney, but the pageviews were spread out across plenty of other big stories as well.

1. EXCLUSIVE: The Full Text of Glen Keane’s Disney Resignation Letter
2. The Sweatbox, The Documentary That Disney Doesn’t Want You to See
3. Digital Domain’s John Textor Brags to Investors About Exploiting Animation Student Labor
4. The Poster For The Walt Disney Biopic You’ll Never See
5. The Failure of John Carter and Analyzing Andrew Stanton
6. Why Kids Today Think Disney Was A Jew-Hating, Hitler-Loving Racist
7. How Much Money Animated Shorts Earn on YouTube
8. BREAKING: Glen Keane Left Disney Today
9. First Look at Genndy Tartakovsky’s Hotel Transylvania
10. Ricky Garduno, RIP
11. Pete Docter’s Flipbook Animation Set
12. Dick Clark is Selling His Flintstones Home
13. FIRST LOOK: Rise of the Guardians Trailer
14. Let’s Cast the Walt Disney Biopic
15. An Open Letter to Glen Keane
16. EXCLUSIVE: Nickelodeon’s New Shorts Program
17. Frankenweenie Teaser
18. Japanese Brave trailer
19. Brad Bird on Ollie Johnston
20. The Lorax Talkback

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