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So I’ve only got a few days to spend in Paris. To folks living there or those who have visited, what would you recommend I do? Any good animation-related sights to see? Comic stores to visit? Pâtisseries and boulangeries to indulge at? All good tips welcomed. And no, I won’t be doing this.

  • Paris has a whole comic book district, I only wish I could remember where it is!

  • I don’t know when you’re going, but if you’re that close, I would say go to Annecy!

  • speaking from someone who’s $10 from bankrupt…and probablly won’t see paris….the best thing to do would be to take lots of pictures

    THEN…if any people like myself can eventually afford it….we’ll know the rad spots to visit cuz of the pics

    so my advice on where to go is:
    go to places that don’t look cool on the surface.


  • nicolas

    Drew, you probably mean the Saint-Michel area, near Notre Dame, with the most known comic store beeing Album, but a lot other ones around here.

    And as for patisseries, I would highly recommend eating macarrons from LaDuree, here.

    Don’t know if there is any exhibit at the Gobelins animation school by now…

    Have a good trip!

  • Paris is fantastique!!

    I am currently working in Ireland and had the chance to visit last week-end…I was amazed at how beautiful and alive the city was!

    Go to the kitty corner from notre dame is shakespeare and co., a renowned english bookstore that is famously known for housing starving artists for free…check it out, it’s really quite cool!

    I suggest you go to the latin quarter for food!! delicieux!!

    And of course you must visit the Louvre for the best historical art expo!


  • Joe Ksander

    Paris is home to France’s biggest comic book and popular culture store “Album”.

    There is a whole cluster of stores on the rue Dante and rue St. Germain. There is a store for European comics, one for American comics, one for Japanese Manga, one for toys, and one for DVD’s.

    This part of town, known as the Left Bank, is also home to lots of used book and art stores and lots of little cafe’s to hang out in.

    All within a few blocks of the Notre Dame.

    Bon chance!

  • Whores and drinking.
    What else are you supposed to do in Paris?

  • You should get in contact with Jenny Lerew. She just got back from a trip there.

  • Hi Amid.
    Don’t forget to visit the only shop specialized in animation.
    It’s called Heeza and it’s on the place de la republique (Metro republique)
    HEEZA : 9, Avenue de la République – 75011 – PARIS – FRANCE
    Enjoy Paris.

  • Paul

    Without question, make time for the Louvre, but take a tour. The tour will ensure you see all the classics without getting lost. After that you can explore it on your own.

    I haven’t been to Paris in nearly 30 years, so that’s the only recommendation I can offer.

  • Relevan

    I highly suggest going through the Montmarte area. It’s very scenic. The view on the top is spectacular.

    If you go to the Quarter Latin, I guess you could check out Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image, but there isn’t too much to see there unless they’re exhibiting. Unfortunately, they weren’t the last time I was there. Even then, the area is pretty nice anyway.

  • Hey Amid,
    I’ve sent you an email about it this morning,

  • hayden

    I just moved to Montreal after living 2 years in Paris.

    Album is defiintly the place for books- they have 4 stores in a one block radius- with a terrific DVD store too!

    Find Rue Montorgueuil it is a living postacard of bakeries, cafes, and butchers.

    I love Palais Royale, also check out the store Collete- they are bleeding edge pop culture.

    For restaurants I love Les Galopins (there are a couple) order the Cote de Bouf.

    My favorite bar is in the BASTILLE – called the Bottle shop

    And go to the d’Orsay- best museum around-

    I was there 2 weeks ago and saw a nice FLASH Animation fest at the Pompidoo

  • Try the fries. They call them “French Fries” there, but they’re pretty much identical to freedom fries here in the States.

  • go here
    It is where Monet’s water lilies are (in the basement). Even if you’ve seen them in books there is nothing like seeing them in person. Upstairs is a collection of some other great Impressionists including LaTrec and Renoir. Nice thing is if you get there in the morning when they open and go directly downstairs you will most likely be in the two water lily rooms by yourself.

  • ironchefnate

    Go to Bertillon on the Ile St Louis (behind Notre Dame). Best damn ice cream on the planet.

  • hi amid,

    you should go to “un regard moderne” 10 rue gît le coeur 75006 paris, next to st michel area; a crazy library!
    also “arkham” 7 rue broca 75005 paris.
    for french cimic books you can go to “super hero” 175 rue saint martin 75003 paris, and “boulinier” 20 boulevard Saint Michel 75006 paris.
    i wish you could find what you want there!
    for the food you can go to chinatown in the 13th district, one of the best is “Lao Lanxang” 105, Avenue Ivry, 75013 Paris.

    have a great trip!



  • Just walk around nonstop! Paris is the city for walking, eating, drinking coffee! I’d go to Pere Lachaise, and walk along the grand boulevard to Belleville, stopping in cafés for mint tea arab style, then have a look areound Parmentier on the way there. All the best Vietnamese restaurants are in Belleville.

    Don’t bother with the Monet waterlilies! They’re hideous in that room at the orangerie! What a waste of time! Stay outside! Stay out of museums. Walk along the Seine. Argue goodspiritedly with the French — they won’t shoot you like Americans will, if you disagree with them. They also won’t expect you to be convinced, rather they expect you to argue well, and politely, and make it fun.

    You want to know what Paris is for real? Walk around the side streets, and only go into cafés that contain a good mix of students, construction workers, hipsters, and regular people. Stay away from tourist traps.

    Also, Shakespeare book store? Bo-ring! Unless you want to see the owner abusing his interns! he’s a real grouse, quite insane last time I was there.

  • (As for Pere Lachaise, I meant the metro station, not the cemetary! — I’d use that as a landmark rather than as a place to visit — don’t go in, nothing worth seeing! Just a bunch of tombstones.)

  • hello again!

    if you have enough time there’s also :

    – arludik 12-14, rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile – 75004 paris (gallery)
    – the lazy dog, 2 passage thiere – 75011 paris (books and tshirts)
    – cine reflets, 14 rue Monsieur le Prince – 75006 paris (books)
    – intemporel, 22, rue Saint-Martin – 75004 paris (vintage movie posters)
    – the book shops of the rue dante – 75005 paris



  • Lili

    I was in Paris last Spring – fantastic city and I would love to go back! Some recommendations off the top of my head:
    – See the CATACOMBS (underneath the city)
    – the LOUVRE, definitely
    – the CLIGNACOURT flea markets are mindblowing – the largest in Europe!
    – STOHRER in Les Halles is the oldest pastry shop in Paris and the cakes and sweet things are wonderful
    – Eat some SNAILS (with lots of garlic butter)
    – WALK around everywhere! So much to see on the streets.
    Have fun!

  • Emilie

    Perhaps Persepolis is still in cinemas, since it won a special prize at Cannes… I’d suggest to find it out… and bring back a copy for North America!

    And I too recommend Bertillon’s ice cream. The very best of ice cream in this planet.

    Have a great trip!

  • The Eiffel Tower’s got a scuba pool?!

    C’mon Amid, you’ve got to take advantage of that. Just climb up the tower to the top and dive into the pool way down below like Jerry’s hero, “Fearless Freep”! (Of course, Freep does it with a bucket of water, but since you’re just a beginner…)

  • Chris F.

    Don’t miss the Musee d’Orsay.

  • Wilbert Plijnaar

    Maybe you could find out what happened to Bob Camp. He and his family moved to Paris a year or so back to direct some show for Cartoon Network. Something with robots I believe. In pure Bob fashion he never checks his email . BOB IF YOU READ THIS: MAIL OR CALL ME!!

  • Robert Schaad

    Hi Amid: I haven’t been there…but if I was going to Paris, I’d definitely visit the residence of the artist/sculptor Jean (Hans) Arp in Meudon (5.6 miles from the center of Paris…heading southwest). I don’t have an exact address for you, but I’ve heard that there is an amazing number of his sculptures there. Enjoy!!

  • Relevan

    If you want a sky view, I found that the Eiffel Tower at night is nice, while the roof of Notre Dame during the day was tops.

  • amid

    Thanks to all for the great suggestions and keep em coming. I’m only there for a few days so I’ll probably manage to hit only tiny fraction of these spots. But hopefully other potential Paris visitors will find this page handy too.

  • Try the Musee’ Cinematique Francaise near the Palai Maillot across from the Eifle Tower. The collection begun by Henri Langlois has sets from Dr. Caligari, Storyboards from the Red Shoes, a Lumiere Cinematograph and Mother from Hitchcock’s Psycho among many more film treasures.
    On the left bank have dinner at the Cafe Procope’ on the Rue Ancient Comedie off the Blvd Sant Germain. It’s been serving since 1685 and Ben Franklin, Napoleon, Jefferson and Voltaire ate there!

  • alex kirwan

    The afore mentioned comic (B.D.) district in the Latin Quarter (near rue Dante) is great! I frittered away most of my afternoon in the the first couple shops before discovering the trend continued, leaving me just minutes in the antique comic shop before closing. Also, there’s great finds to be found amongst all the crap being sold at the print carts along the canal in front of Notre Dame. Oh, and put Pompidou on your list waaay above the Louvre.

  • JC

    we’re finishing a feature film very cartoony in 2d, come to have a look at xilam, 25 rue Yves Toudic 75010.

  • Inigo Jones

    carolita says:

    (As for Pere Lachaise, I meant the metro station, not the cemetary! — I’d use that as a landmark rather than as a place to visit — don’t go in, nothing worth seeing! Just a bunch of tombstones.)

    JUST A BUNCH OF TOMBSTONES???? You obviously don’t have a cultural bone in your body, Carolita. You’ll see the last resting places of Moliere, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde, a heart-rending tribute in concrete to the victims of the Holocaust, and probably the funkiest graves and tombs ever created.

    IGNORE THE MUSEUMS???? Even more culture, Carolita! The Louvre, and the Musee d’Orsay are two of the best museums in the world. The Tuileries, Montmartre & Notre Dame are also great. These places are ‘tourist traps’ for a reason – they’re bloody worth seeing!

    I pity your lack of culture, Carolita. Stick to your sweaty builders and know-it-all students, and I’ll stick to my memories of the Mona Lisa and Oscar Wilde’s magnificent tomb.

  • Anne D. Bernstein

    Yep, Album is great. Other fun stuff: Hot chocolate at Angelina 226 rue de Rivoli–it is like a melted chocolate bar. Very ornate room. Outdoor food markets: I like the one at Rue Mouffetard. Walk around the Marais and Bastille neighborhoods, as well as the Left Bank. Walk on the Promenade Plantee, a park on top of an old Viaduct. If you want to take a boat tour, get Vedettes du Pont Neuf rather than the ones at the Eiffel Tower–less insane tourist scene. Jardins du Luxenbourg is a great park and this time of year it is light out past 9 PM! Take advantage of prix fixe lunches and you will have great food, cheaper than dinner, and service is included. There are usually some interesting exhibits at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Beauborg). Sit at cafes for hours on end. Polidor 41 rue Monsieur-le-Prince is an ancient bistro that is fun for people watching and has serves basic, solid French cuisine. Not fancy but loud and lively. I am jealous!

  • Comic store-wise, you must visit ‘La comete de Carthage’

    4, rue Frederic Sauton – 75005 PARIS

    Metro : Maubert-Mutualité

    They specialise in the more ‘indie’ and ‘design-y’ (think Avril, Petit-Roulet, Serge Clerc & Yves Chaland) side of BD.

    Here’s their ebay page to give you an idea of the type of thing they stock:

    The owner speaks english too, which is a plus.

    p.s. when are you ever going to visit London?

  • Amid,

    You could check out the studio Alphanim in Vincennes. Bob Camp is working there on a very graphic based cartoon series. I’m sure he’d be happy to greet you.

    So, you are going to Annecy I guess.

  • Wendy


    maybe this is something interesting. I haven’t seen it myself yet but it could be good but don’t hold it against me if it isn’t. ;-) It’s a new complex wich combines animation movies with an aquarium :-) It’s across from the Eiffel Tower.

  • Peter

    May I recommend the Paris gourmet guide from my favourite food blog?

  • If you’re heading to the Pompidou be forewarned that it’s closed on Tuedays (as we found out when we headed there to see the Herge/Tin Tin exhibit a few months ago).