The Secret is Out: Cartoon Brew TV is Here! The Secret is Out: Cartoon Brew TV is Here!
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The Secret is Out: Cartoon Brew TV is Here!

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A big THANK YOU to our readers. We’re positively delighted that so many Brew regulars have been discussing and embedding the new episodes of Cartoon Brew TV onto their sites. We obviously don’t have the deep pockets of video outlets like Atom, iTunes, Channel Frederator, or YouTube, but thankfully we have a wonderful dedicated community of animation lovers, and with your help we’ll eventually let everybody know where they can find lots of great animated shorts that can’t be seen anywhere else. We also wanted to thank animation historian Harvey Deneroff for taking the time to pen this thoughtful review of our first three episodes. Keep spreading the word about Cartoon Brew TV!

  • Great going guys! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Congrats guys! We love what you do, and are sure it’ll be a hit!

  • I like what you’ve posted so far on CartoonBrew TV,
    but what happened to the shorts that were formerly posted on the
    CartoonBrew Films page ?

  • amid

    Hi David – The films from Cartoon Brew Films are no longer available for purchase. We closed that site down a while back.

  • This is awesome….!! keep em comin!